Friday, May 25, 2018

Sandy Rios: Democrats Want Immigrants Because Socialism

Nowadays, conservatives use coded language to disguise their bigotry. Like Lee Atwater (video below) said in the 80s, paraphrasing, you used to be able to say nigger, nigger; but you cannot do that anymore because it hurts you politically. So, now you say forced busing, and tax reform; the message has the same purpose, it hurts blacks more than whites.

Nothing has changed; conservatives have found new words to describe their same old bigotry. Sandy Rios a conservative radio host implied Democrats advocate for liberal policies, which include taking in immigrants whereby ushering in socialism. Of course, Rios goes on to say Americans won't vote for socialism, so the Left needs to bring in proponents of the cause.

And who is Sandy going to bring into her argument? None other than Barack Obama -- ranting that Obama's policies brought in immigrants galore, which of course, is not true. When Obama left office more immigrants returned to Mexico than arrived. Rios' objection has to do with the color of immigrants skin more so than anything else.

A spike in immigrants seeking refugee status from South America shows us the vicious drug cartels, who take people seeking refuge under false pretense. Cartels make people pay money to get close to the border, some reports of rape and mistreatment don't deter them from seeking a better life.

Now, we all agree there has to be a border. No one advocates for a borderless nation. Yet that's just what far rightwingers claim.

Trump's number of lies per day has nearly doubled

Trump: Immigrant Children Are Not So Innocent

A couple of weeks ago, at a roundtable discussion about illegal immigration, Trump told attendees that the immigrants are animals. The White House later claimed Trump was referring to the notorious street gang, MS-13. Trump labeled objections to the term "animals" as sympathy for the brutal group. Trump now says immigrant children are not innocent. Demonize, demonize, demonize and soon, people will believe you.

Since his State of The Union address where he first mentioned MS-13, Trump has made it his mission to associate the vile street gang to immigrants; thus, when you see illegal immigrants, you think of a violent gang. It's the same tactic George W. Bush used to make people associate Iraq with 9/11. They weren't connected, but Bush associated the two so-often over half of Americans believed Saddam personally had a role in the terrorist attack. He did not.

When Trump twice bombed Syria, he claimed it was because of the dead children. I doubt that. It was because of his daughter prodding him to do so. Donald has shown us time, and again, he has no compassion for Americans.

SHE HAS A NAME: unarmed 20 year old, Claudia Patricia Gómez González, from Guatemala, was shot and killed by an ICE agent on Wednesday near Laredo, Texas.

Trump Deliberately Inflames Racial Tension To Please His Angry Red Hat Wearing Crowd

As previously suspected, Donald Trump deliberately inflames racial tension for his red hat wearing base. Trump is known for his harsh words toward the Hispanic & black communities; now we know that Donald Trump does this on purpose. Since Trump announced his bid for the White House in 2015, he made clear of his disdain for minorities and brown skin "illegal" immigrants.

Trump 'fixer' Michael Cohen met with Russian oligarch to discuss US-Russia relations days before inauguration

Trump 'fixer' Michael Cohen met with Russian oligarch to discuss US-Russia relations days before inauguration: Longtime Trump attorney Michael Cohen met with notorious Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg in late 2016 to discuss U.S.-Russia relations during the presidential transition period after Donald Trump’s surprise victory in the 2016 presidential campaign. The New York Times reports that Cohen and Vekselberg met in Cohen’s office on the 26th floor of Trump Tower to talk about ways to improve relations between the United States and Russia. Just weeks before, Russian intelligence agents had used …

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

“WITCH HUNT” 40+ Witch Hunt Tweets 22 Indictments 5 Guilty Pleas 1 In Jail 3 Back Channels 72 Secret Russia Contacts 50 Calls, Emails, Comms w/Russians 22 Meetings w/Russians 10+ Lied, 2 Under Oath 1 Probable* Dossier 1 “demand” to DOJ

"Personnel on the field shall stand and show respect for the flag and the Anthem" ANTHEM: written by racist slave owner FLAG: males of color had their blood WRONGFULLY spilled more than any other 300+ yrs

Former DNI Clapper on impact of Russian meddling: "Knowing what I know of what Russians did & the millions & millions of voters they got to - to me it stretches credulity & logic not to think that they didn't help swing the election, given that it turned on less than 80k votes."

WATCH Chris Kluwe on @NFL #NationalAnthem policy/Take A Knee: Police are civil servants designed to uphold justice. That's a completely different job than #USMilitary. The fact that we are bringing those two closer together, That's what authoritarianism is

Classical Liberalism Is B.S.

The term classical liberal is a loaded one, and I want to briefly take a look at what it means and its failure to address any societal problems and why it's not intended to fix anything. First, what is Classical Liberalism? Wikipedia's definition: "Classical liberalism is a political ideology and a branch of liberalism which advocates civil liberties under the rule of law with an emphasis on economic freedom." This political belief system is a repackaged conservative neoliberal utopia where you can have it both ways, dress up like a liberal but hide as a conservative/libertarian. Classical liberals focus on individual autonomy by insisting limited government is the best way for civilization to flourish (for the wealthy) and low taxes is a must. In some instances, classical liberals are fiscally further to the right than conservatives.

Simon Goldie: "The 'classical liberal' ideas of Adam Smith, John Locke, and others came to dominate Western democracies but by the early 20th century, the Liberal party was moving towards a more interventionist approach, and the Labour party was beginning to become a serious political force.

Lew Rockwell believes that 'classical liberalism' failed because liberals decided that ensuring liberty was not enough: if people were free but couldn't eat then, liberals should do something about this terrible situation."

Classical liberals tend to ignore racism, sexism & poverty as matters for individuals to help if they so desire. Again, limited government spending and the taxation is theft argument. Classical liberalism is modern day libertarianism mixed with conservatism.

This group also believes in ultimate free speech with no countering their claims. What do I mean? This nonsensical political activist group says any sensor of their free speech by response stifles free speech. Unless you are a white male, you cannot respond to critiques. And if you do counter their claims, you're a snowflake a radical collectivist leftist.

Free speech is the cornerstone of three thought and entering diverse opinions into the public square. Few people that I've met want to stop free speech. As we know from-time-to-time, at some college campuses, right-wingers purposely send controversial speakers to speak  and some protestors come, which is unneeded; mixed in are some RIGHT-WING protestors PAID to disrupt the protests and inflame tensions cause violence whereby giving radical classical liberals the ability to call foul on the demonstrators, most of whom have good intentions of voicing their free speech.

Free speech doesn't mean you get the last word. Nor does it mean, that right or wrong, you get to decide your opponent's position.  Classical liberals hold systematic racism does not exist. It's much ado about nothing. If only radical classical liberals could call blacks niggers, they wouldn't feel so oppressed. By the way, feel free to use your speech against minorities, my guess is you won't do that unless you're surrounded by security. Not that people should put their hands on radical classical liberals, but the point is, the only time responding to you with vitriol makes sense is when they're on a stage among sycophantic worshipers. These include confused millennials searching for their place in life no doubt, but hijacked by the radical classical liberal ideology as if it were fact or even right for society.

The NFL's new national anthem policy enslaves black players and fans.

Is Dave Rubin a Classical Liberal or a Confused Conservative?

Jim Bakker: The Spirit Told Him, 100 Hitmen Have Been Hired To Kill Trump.

Hukster Jim Bakker claims a hundred hitmen have been hired to kill his god, Donald Trump. Bakker says his (lying) spirit is the source of this information. Bakker, whose television show called End Times, lies to listeners, mostly older folks. Anyone with an "end times" ministry television show is a liar trying to scare the living daylights out of you. It's a get rich quick scheme. Not that the end times aren't coming because they are - but that doesn't mean scaring people on a daily basis.

A large segment of End Times listeners believe everything Jim says, and that is dangerous because they continuously regurgitate certain false statements. However, MAGA folks won't accept the truth. Hiring people to kill Trump has not happened. Nor should it. But to say that as if it were fact is dangerous.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Despite Huge Tax Cuts, Harley Davidson Shipping Jobs Overseas

After the Republican-led tax scam passed, Trump promised companies would increase wages and opportunities. It was said families would save an average of $2,000 per year. Very little, if any of that, has happened - instead, we've seen companies buy back stock, pay off shareholders; give executives huge bonuses and now ship jobs overseas. The tax scam was never about giving the average worker a raise or creating new jobs. Politicians created the tax cuts and, specifically, drafting it to benefit the wealthiest Americans, whereby cutting the social safety net for the poorest Americans. The government has to find the lost revenue by slashing social services. Now, why is that important? Why bring the social safety net into the conversation? The social safety net is for those who need a lift out of poverty to gain the opportunity to pull themselves into the middle class, if at all possible.

Equality of opportunity does not mean equal outcome, which is what conservatives claim it means.

The supposed All American company Harly Davidson is shipping jobs overseas. Although the revelation of the company getting tax cuts and shipping jobs away seemed a shock to the workers, because of what they were promised, should it surprise you that these corporations don't care about the people who build them?

“Part of my job is being moved to York, but the other part is going to Bangkok,” claimed Richard Pence, a Harley machinist working at the Kansas City plant, in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, adding the company is already packing up the plant and that he suspects some of the machinery is heading overseas.
“These companies are taking tax breaks with one hand and handing out pink slips with the other,” said International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers President Bob Martinez Jr in a statement. “I’m going to call it like I see it … this is a corporate ambush on working people.” (The RawStory)

Fox loses it after journalist who called out Trump’s racism wins award

Monday, May 21, 2018

For those following along at home, here’s what the @NRA and lawmakers beholden to them have blamed for America’s mass shootings since Friday: Violent video games. Mental illness. Bullying. Hollywood. Entrance and exit doors. Socialism.

Giuliani "made up" Mueller's Trump-Russia probe September deadline, report says

Nutjob Coach Dave Daubenmire claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting married violated his rights because it was all a 'Psy Op.'

Nutjob Coach Dave Daubenmire claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting married violated his rights because it was all a 'Psy Op.' The Royal Wedding triggered Dave because it promoted racial harmony and unity. The inspirational sermon before the wedding gave fire to the power of love. It was one of the most beautiful sermons I've ever heard. Dave, who claims to be a Christian, skipped right over the beautiful sermon. This man scores another point as to why people dislike evangelical Christians who voted for Donald Trump or defend his reprehensible behavior.

Daubenmire is a nut as far as I am concerned. If a couple wants a blended family, it's none of your damn business. You can go piss up a rope. You piece of garbage.

In the past, Daubenmire wondered if marrying another race was righteous or evil. He wasn't talking about same-sex marriage. Dave claims that interracial marriage is disgraceful. Now, does the Bible say that Christians cannot marry other ethnic groups? Of course not. But facts be damned to this idiot, who gives Christians a bad name. With a mass exodus of people leaving Christianity because of its judgemental attitude, this individual gives confirmation to those tired of judgment by the religious right. I wouldn't leave Christianity, but I am not conservative, or political evangelical.

NRA President Blames Ritalin For School Shootings

Convicted felon and new NRA President Oliver North claims the latest mass school shooting was caused by you guessed it Ritalin - insinuating that mental illness inspired the shooter through side-effects of a prescription medication. Now does North know whether the kids (I won't name the gunman) used medication for ADHD? Of course not. The alleged shooter studied former school massacres. Apparently, a girl rejected the shooter's advances and classmates bullied him for body odor. 

After a school shooting the NRA blames everything from mental illnesses to lack of prayer in public school. Conservatives blame everything except guns. Blaming guns is a violation of the Second Amendment, they say.

John Bolton caught using a 'shadow' council to funnel new personnel into the White House

John Bolton caught using a 'shadow' council to funnel new personnel into the White House

Saturday, May 19, 2018

MSNBC's @JoyAnnReid and @chrislhayes are shining a spotlight on racism in America — and we want to hear about your experience with #everydayracism. Send a selfie video or a note to RacismInAmerica@nbcuni.com.

Students arrested for protesting at Paul Ryan's office following deadly Texas school shooting

The n-word is considered the most offensive word in the English language. “Straight white male” is ... not.

One day you’re 15 and posing outside Buckingham palace and 22 years later you’re marrying the Prince.

Friday, May 18, 2018

BREAKING: @SpeakerRyan is having high school kids arrested for peacefully protesting outside his office for gun reform now

The United States Broke Its Deal To Broker Peace In The Middle East

A conservative Christian opinion piece writer claimed the Palestinians do not belong in Israel. Because of course, to him, Palestinians are not people. Going into a deep dive of all the factors and nuanced claims of the Palestinian people is not the point of this piece. The false political debate over the "rightful owner of the land" is nonsense. The fight over the land for evangelicals is a faith claim, not so much a political one. In fact, most Christians could not point on a map to where modern-day Palestine is; because of course, the religious right claims the land belongs to Israel.

Israel is the eternal home of the Jewish people. The only Jewish state in the world. Arabs have 24 nations; the Jewish people have Israel. I understand the biblical claims to Jerusalem as a Jewish capital; however, a peace deal doesn't have to be either or; people have a right to a peaceful homeland of their own. Hamas, the government of the Palestinians, is seen as a terrorist organization. With Hamas, they are correct. It is a terrorist organization, but the people of Palestine are not all terrorists.

Palestinian Christians started the Falastin (Palestine) publication in 1911. In 1964, the Arabs, previously referred to as Palestinian Arabs, dropped the Arab distinction. During the British Mandate, the term 'Palestinian' described the Arabs living in the Jewish community. Even though residing there, Palestinians did not have a legal right to the land. Most surely the Jewish people have a right to a state. Their own nation.

Palestinians are an ethnonational group comprised of those born in modern-day Palestine. Palestinians are culturally and linguistically Arab.

Half of Palestinians live in historic Palestine in the area surrounding the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel, which constitutes half the population of the combined areas.

The Roman Procurator gave the land of Israel the name Palestine, some allege, because of his hatred of the Jewish people - to revise history and take away the Jewish ancestral historical ties to their homeland.

However, the Jewish people returned to modern-day Israel; changed to a state in 1948. However, ethnic-Palestinians, Arabs, remained in the region until around 700,000 thousand left after the 1967 War, in which Israel claimed even more land. After that, Palestinians returned to claim their personal belongings, some stayed; to this day, they're considered refugees and not the residence of a Palestinian state. The fight over Jerusalem, in which Eastern Jerselum would go to the Palestine and Western Jerselum would be the Jewish capital -- that all changed when the United States breached its long-standing broker of a peace negotiation ended with Jerseulum no longer in consideration as part of a Palestinian state. America clearly took sides, therefore, peace in the Middle East is almost impossible.

Brian Williams: Suspected TX Gunman’s Eyes ‘Have Gone Dead’ In Mugshot – Talking Points Memo

Brian Williams: Suspected TX Gunman’s Eyes ‘Have Gone Dead’ In Mugshot – Talking Points Memo