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Trump's Rise To The White House Had Little To Do With "Economic Anxiety"

Trump voters didn't care about "economic anxiety" as much as racial, societal changes to a country they didn't recognize. And. Donald Trump did an excellent job of capitalizing on the fear, racial anxiety that his supporters expressed. Donald Trump, who used to be a Democrat, used Democratic talking points to attract voters. He talked about blowing up "unfair" trade deals, a Democratic policy. Trump talked about guaranteeing Americans health care at an affordable price; again, a Democratic goal. Trump talked about bringing jobs home from abroad, a Democratic priority, not a Republican vision. To appease racists, Trump salted his platform with racism. White nationalists cling to the Trump campaign because of his stance on immigration; building a wall to keep brown people out of this country.

Using a divided country, Donald Trump took advantage of white America finding their power slipping to minorities. Not true, but to conservatives, it made sense. Someone else is to blame for the problems of this country, and it indeed wasn't good white folks.

Trump painted a picture of an America that never existed. In his painting, Americans, whites had a perfect utopia and blacks, Hispanics knew their role. His whole shtick, Make America Great Again played on Ronald Reagen's campaign slogan, a racist dog-whistle to disenfranchised white working-class men. It was the Southern Strategy on steroids. Seek angry whites, Democrats, and build a coalition of angry people to rush to the polls.
Moreover, Donald Trump sought and received Religious Right political figures to drag evangelical Christians to vote, against their interests, for a man who's not Christian in the least, yet they claim God elected Trump. And, they honestly believe God stepped in to choose Trump. Therefore, anything Trump does, morally, doesn't matter because God cannot be wrong. I agree God cannot be corrupt, but humans can be and often are wrong.

Growing up, I went to church and had always aligned myself with the fundamental beliefs of the Christian theology. We didn't use the term "evangelical."  It wasn't a useful term, in that, it added nothing to the belief we had in Christ. Nonetheless, the root word means "good news." And to Christians, of course, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is indeed, good news.

I study my Bible and pray daily. I didn't become aware of the strain of Christianity who referred to themselves as evangelical Christians. Nowadays the word is synonymous with conservative white Republican activist Christian. The definition of the word has changed.

Powerful, wealthy right-wing Christian leaders use this religious ideology to manipulate the emotions, religious inclinations of, mostly, white conservative Christians. In some instances, the wealthy Religious Right leaders gas-light congregants to confuse their outlook by replacing the poor behavior of President Trump with "God's will," which is that it is "God's will" Trump be elected. Far be it from God's will.

 The concerns over the term have increased with big-name evangelical Christian support of Donald Trump. Are right-wing words useful? What does it make the world, fellow citizens think about Christians? In my opinion, the politics of the Religious Right has become a thorn in the side of the average believer. Those who identify as Christians but want breathing room between right-wing political activism in the name of Christianity.

For the most part, the white conservative Christians focus on a few cultural issues, that I do not support in the political sense. Namely, opposing gay marriage; working to end abortion; defending gun rights; supporting 'school choice' which is nothing more than self-segregation; far-right religious extremism. Forcing the idea that America is a "Christian Nation" and promoting Christian Nationalism. Which is a way for the Religious Right to maintain we must support a specific interpretation of a particular strain of Christianity. That's not religious freedom. That's fascism.

Evangelicalism has become synonymous with white Christians, which leaves people of color out of the fold. Christianity isn't a white or black religion. Therefore, words that suggest otherwise are, indeed, counterproductive. It's not about political correctness; it's about seeing each other as equal.

 Christianity is about following Jesus; you don't need to use the term evangelical for affirming that position. Some Christians refer to themselves as evangelical, orthodox, red-letter Christian or progressive-Christian. All have the same core-principles; a relationship with Jesus Christ. However, the approach to following Christ and serving people varies. But at the end of the day, Christianity's core is Jesus Christ, not the Republican Party as is commonly understood.

Religious Right leaders used Christian patriotism, Christian nationalism to persuade evangelical Christians to vote for Trump claiming for the sake of patriotism; you must vote for Donald Trump because he will protect the country and preserve Christianity, which wasn't in danger in the first place. Fear and spiritual abuse endanger, not only Christians but society because it rips us apart.

Instead of thinking for themselves, most evangelical Christians voted for Trump despite 19 women accusing him of sexual ASSAULT; cheating on his pregnant wife cheating workers out of money; creating a fake school; lying about the first African-American president, who in exceeds Trump in respect alone.

The White House resident seeks to destroy presidential norms and solicit loyalty from those around him. Not just a friendly relationship, but the gangster ride-or-die loyalty. Because of this president, we have become desensitized to respect, humility, meaningful dialogue & respect for diverse opinions.

Donald Trump calls names and uses vulgarity to describe his political opponents and media personalities who call him out. This behavior serves no purpose in quashing economic anxiety.

Why Do White Conservative Evangelicals Hate Undocumented Immigrants?

Since the founding of this country, fear-mongering about immigrants or the other has been a useful tactic for white racist politicians who feed their base racial anxiety. So, if it's all white people, why did white Americans hate the Irish & Italians? Simple. Conservatives considered the Irish lazy, dumb, and promoted the idea that they rape "white women." Whites deemed Italian dumb, dirty, uncultured Neandrathals. When society dehumanizes groups of people, it's easy to treat that ethnic group differently without conscious to bias.

Of course, stolen African-Americans during the trans-Atlantic slave kidnappings, conservatives rationalized their brutality by claiming the Africans were undocumented immigrants. I kid you not.

The claim then is immigrants commit a disproportionate rate of crime. But, is that true? Do undocumented immigrants commit more crime than American citizens? The data suggests that's not true.

According to The Root publication: "Study after study has shown that undocumented immigrants are less likely to engage in criminal behavior and less likely to be incarcerated than native-born Americans. In fact, the American Immigration Council reports that higher immigration is associated with lower crime rates.

Trump even faked a Department of Homeland Security report citing the statistic that 3 out of 4 people convicted of terrorism are foreign-born, even though most acts of domestic terrorism are committed by white men."

One of the biggest myths is that undocumented immigrants don't pay taxes, or that immigrants live off taxpayer money. At a federal level, undocumented immigrants don't qualify for anti-poverty benefits; on a state level that may differ. So, depending on state policies, undocumented immigrants could receive state benefits. Even if undocumented, employers must deduct federal, state and local taxes in every paycheck. Most don't even know, undocumented immigrants pay billions a year into social security benefits they'll never receive.

Promoting racial anxiety has been a white American modus operandi. The treachery of conquering and dividing, colonization, redlining, segregation, reappropriation, gentrification; all ensures whites have it better than minorities. If threatened, conservatives shriek with indignation, and someone is to blame for the changing culture, and it cannot be good white evangelical Christians. So, blaming others for societal problems encourages their sense of pious Christianity to destroy others without empathy be it economically or through immigration policies that benefit the heart of the Republican Party.

The useful distinction of conservatives, as opposed to left-leaning, is intentional; I make these distinctions because of scientific studies confirming traditionalists operate on fear. Also, conservatives, in some instances, support strongmen. Look at what Donald Trump told them: "I alone can fix" the problems in America. Although it was a lie, it comforted conservatives who want someone to lead them.

Urban Ministry Outreach

"The establishment of urban ministry incorporated was the fulfillment of a boy who dream that Melvin. Bank had at the age of 12. Soon after becoming a Christian, Bank gave his testimony on the back roads of Birmingham Alabama an old, white-haired black man heard his testimony and quoted scripture to him quote my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge Hosea for 6. This verse made a great impression on Bank; he determined to devote his life to educating black Americans with knowledge of the Bible and becoming Christian teachers in 1955, Bank graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He went on to Wheaton College, where he earned a Bachelors of Arts in Theology and The Masters of Arts and Biblical, theological studies. He received an honorary degree of literature at Wheaton College in 1992."

After he had worked in a white ministry for several years, he realized the need for an urban outreach program for African Americans. Thus, Urban Ministries was created out of a need to reach minorities, particularly African Americans, but also Hispanics hear the gospel message. As opposed to the Caucasian version of the gospel and I say version 'loosely' in that it is not disrespecting the Gospel or the teachings of the faith. But that the teachings of the gospel have predominately been for white America and through the lens of a capitalistic society and not a social justice, criminal justice, economic equality, political, reformation of criminal law that keeps so many men of color away from their families, and the need for inclusionism instead of divisiveness.
At a time when the name it and claim it gospel is running rampant, and the prosperity gospel is shoved down predominately African American's throats, there is a need for liberation theology that includes social justice and economic reform through the lens of Christ operating through the poor in that is the fruit of the Church.

Televangelist and other pimp preachers have used the weak to transfer their destitute unto their ministries' wealth. People believing they can buy God's acceptance and love are sorely mistaken. The poor and often uneducated folks, tune into these shows and consider planting a so-called "seed" of faith will gain them a harvest. But, that's not exactly how God works. At least not within the context the pimp preachers would have you believe. As Christians, we must do more to inform not only ethnic minorities but all people that "God doesn't need a plane." In other words, there's nothing you can buy God. Instead of sending money to televangelist and pimp preachers, help out local ministries and true churches. That would be a wise investment in the body of Christ but supporting lavish lifestyles for pimp preachers is ludicrous; shall we remember Christ was homeless?

 Insofar as Christians promoting values, it's  essential gospel message follow through actions instead of words and inaction. The Gospel message is not simply a do as you're told or say as you're enjoined to say and do absolutely nothing gospel. No, the gospel of Christ and who Christ was was a liberator of the poor, of the down and out, of the downtrodden, of the lowest of society. If you believe that the gospel is simply for a particular group of people an individual color a distinct so-called ethnicity, then you're more likely to reject the facts of the gospel. You're more liable to dismiss the notion that Jesus Christ is who he says he is, and that causes issues within not only the African-American community but within the Church as a whole. Because people, like it or not, see Christ through the lens in which their comfort zone exists; through the lens in which they see society and if you see society in a lens that is blinded by or colored shall we say with bigotry, with a notion that political correctness is a right to berate other people to run your mouth without thinking then the Gospel that you present is unsophisotactited nonsense at least to the listener.

Let's be clear when people such as Donald Trump talk about political correctness they are not speaking about engaging in a dialogue over issues that are controversial no not at all, they are talking about using offensive terms offensive language that is divisive. Thus, the political right's push for political correctness is not a push for dialogue on a well-rounded footing, it's not a push for a dose of tough love; nope the right's push for (political correctness) or better yet running off at the mouth has everything to do with bigotry and anti-immigration, anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-Native American. However, you don't have to believe me simply attend a Donald Trump rally. You will find that their version of America is completely different and completely contrary to the values of an inclusive America rather than social justice for all it is pro-corporation welfare. And, they're against social programs that benefit young mothers. Anything that helps benefit the poor or the neediest among us is everything republicans oppose. Instead of dropping bombs on ISIL, we should be dropping educational bombs within our school systems that provide educational opportunities for each and every student. Thus, giving the right to learn for all students for all who are interested in gaining an economic opportunity to experience, the so-called American dream. But, we know from experience, that comes with a heavy toll a heavy price if you will, in which the elite do not want everyone educated. The elite wants to keep the status quo, to maintain discourse, to maintain equality, especially, income inequality. Thus, African Americans feel trapped in an endless cycle of poverty crime jail and institutional racism. We know from experience that black schools pale
in comparison to white schools part of that is because of zoning and part of that is for essentially segregated schools wherein 98% of blacks attend certain schools and another schools 3% of blacks attend those schools. And again, it has to do with zoning requirements or high-income tax areas, those districts typically have better schools with better teachers who salary is above that of those at destitute schools. And sometimes, blacks received inadequate education to push only them through the system. So they start off with a disadvantage because of their color and that does play a part in one's level of success. Also, it is without question that poverty begets poverty in that it is a cycle that one rarely gets out of; therefore, it is essential that we as Christians push for equality in standards equality in teachers in the level of the education system overall.
Also, we must teach comprehensive sexual education. I know as a Christian that that is a radical ideology, but children continue to have sex regardless of abstinence-only teaching. Therefore, it behooves us as a nation as Christians to teach basic sexual education, and it can be done through biblical perspectives while respecting religious liberty.

1). Urban Ministry. http://www.urbanmin.org/clinic-history/


Sean Hannity to Trump World: Don't Cooperate With Mueller

On Sean Hannity's show last night, he advised people in Trump's orbit not to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller III. He doesn't want people to trust the FBI or listen to law enforcement.
Hannity, who is a huge supporter of the president, wants people to know that talking with the special counsel's office might lead to perjury charges. Any slip-up or poorly worded statement could come back to haunt them in the form of an indictment. The special prosecutor likely doesn't ask questions they don't know the answers. All of the people who pleaded guilty to lying to Mueller's office admitted to lying. Meaning, they knew what they told investigators was not true. It wasn't a misunderstanding, rather a willful attempt to cover up the truth.

People who have pleaded guilty like Micheal Cohen, Michael Flynn have cooperated with Mueller to receive a shorters sentence or probation. It appears Hannity is worried that the more people talk, the more the president gets implicated in a crime.

Mueller's office is looking into Russian cooperation with the Trump campaign & whether Trump obstructed justice.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Watch: As Speaker, Paul Ryan oversaw an exploding federal deficit...@AriMelber's special report puts Ryan's words against the numbers: pic.twitter.com/2iXi1pfj4R — TheBeat w/Ari Melber (@TheBeatWithAri)

A Sneak Peak: Chapter 5 of a Book I am Writing

  The Christmas tree is up; red, gold & green lights fashioned on fleek with a silver star on top. "Finally," Jen said as she wipped her hands on her jeans. "I'm done with this Christmas tree. I'm done hanging the stockings. And. I've done enough cooking for a large family." She loves this time of year, especially with Ben and the baby. "Close your eyes," she told Ben. He placed his hands over his eyes. Click, she hit the lights and a beautiful array of lights flickered.
     "Good job," his eyes opened wide. Ben clapped. "You really are something special."
     "About noon every day, I'm exhausted," Jen said as she deeply yawned & shifted her shoulders. The bags under her eyes said as much.
     "Why do you think that is?" Ben asked. She softly touched the side of her face. She sat on the living room floor wrapping Christmas presents one after another.
     "I don't know," she said. She raised a finger, "it might have something to do with the medicine Dr. Martha gave me." Her frown shifted her eyebrows to an angry disposition. Jen's green & red New Found Glory Christmas sweater read: Make It A My Friends Over You Christmas.
     "We'll get through this," Ben consoled. He sat with his hands wrapped around a Starbucks coffee cup. "Are things going well with counseling?" He leans in to embrace her; she looks at him & nods... "Well...about as good as expected." She tears up, "I just feel sad all of the time." She holds him close. "The problem is you and the baby make me happy." He wipes away her tears with a tissue. "I have never been happier," she lowers her head.
     "Postpartum depression maybe?" He questioned. "It's more common than you think." He traced the tension on her very luscious lips. 
     "I was thinking the same thing," she said. "Maybe it is a form of clinical depression."  Mental illness doesn't run in my family though, she thought. Jen moved closer to the heater and placed her fingers directly in front of it. The blasting heat helped scale back the fear of undiagnosed mental issues.
     "Come here," Ben said. He didn't know about depression. But he did know what it meant to be in love with her.




Mainstream Media REFUSES To Address Republican Losers

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

This is your "Christian" evangelical president

Before Trump Arrived; After Trump Arrived

Former-Presidents and first ladies talked & laughed amongst themselves, but when Trump arrived, the mood turned cold. No one spoke to each other & especially not to Trump.

Trump sat next to a president he called illegitimate; a president he said was a sexual predator; a secretary of state he requested to be jailed; and President Carter, who Trump called the worst president in history.

It turns out, you don't make friends being mean to people. Melania's #BeBest campaign it an utter failure.

Fox News' Chris Wallace noticed the change in the room on-air describing the reality of the difference former presidents have with President Trump. His observation came after a previous guest insinuated that all seemed well between the group.

Wallace: “I have to say I was struck when President Trump and Melania Trump came to the front row that it was as if a chill had descended on that front row,” Wallace said. “You had seen a lot of chatty talk between the Clintons and the Obamas, the Carters. But when Donald Trump sat down, the greeting that he was given by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama was about as cool as it could have been.” RawStory


Monday, December 3, 2018

Politics & The Religious Right Harm Faith

Nowadays politics and the religious right have become intertwined, and the relationship is harming the country. Let the religious right tell it, and the transformation of this country is dependant on a far-right version of Christianity. Now, as a Christian myself, I see the Christian faith as a force for good in the world. But the religious right does not approach the world from the same perspective. Indeed, far-right Christians focus on riling social conservatives into a frenzy to vote against abortion, gay marriage and for gun rights. Wealthy Republican donors own prominent pastors who in turn convince their congregants to vote for Republicans.

With Donald Trump in office and his promise to repeal the Johnson Amendment, which guides churches to avoid political talk if they wish to retain their tax-exempt status, churches push hard to create a fictitious faith. They paint of picture of a Trump that doesn't exist. They gloss over his failures and call them success. Of course, pastors have always talked about social issues but avoided the implicit endorsement of a political candidate. That has changed.

Before the 2018 midterm elections, a video of pro-Trump pastor Paula White told congregants to "vote red," or Republican. More annoying was the music playing in the background. A soft, sentimental tone played while Paula White guilt tripped African-American congregants to vote Republican. To any rational person, it was disgusting. Of course, her congregants believe most of what she says and little of what they hear from real pastors — a sign of cult-like behavior.
Paula White, like many on the religious right, uses Bible verses/passages out of context while playing soft music in the background as a form of pulling at their emotional heartstrings. My point: voting for the religious right negates reality. And it's based on self-gain, not faith.

Under Obama, a Democrat, abortion was at a 40-year low. But, White and other religious right leaders say Republicans oppose abortion, without telling congregant statistics. Further proving the religious rights' goal is for self-gain, not the truth.

Left-leaning Christians must ask white evangelical Christians, what is it we disagree on - do we disagree that showing the love of Christ is wrong? Of course, that thinking would be the antithesis of Christianity.  When you think about it, we agree on a whole lot. As Christians, we agree on representing Jesus Christ through loving our neighbor as we love ourselves and reflecting the forgiveness & strength of love through Christ to others. We agree Christ is the savior of all who would believe on Him.

The commercialized religious right has become a poster-child for what Christianity is not. It's a warning of what Christianity was never intended. White evangelical Christians might believe being a "Republican" is pious and someone favorable with God. But it's not. No political party represents God completely accurately because of the complexity of faith and differences in doctrine. But Christians who think the Republican party reflects Christianity lack everything faith represents. 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Trump's Former Attorney Pleads Guilty To Lying To Congress About Trump Real Estate Deal In Moscow

President Donald Trump's former personal attorney and fixer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about a Trump Tower Moscow project, in which Trump intended to open a hotel condominium through 2017.

Cohen lied to match claims made by Trump on the campaign trail. On the campaign trail, Donald Trump continuously said he had nothing to do with Russia, no business dealings. As we now know, this was untrue. Cohen was in contact with Russian officials & members of the Trump family during the 2016 election through 2017.

Trump started his presidential bid in late 2015. In October he signed an intent to license a Moscow building.
(Picture: NewsWeek)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

College Woman Disowned Because She Wouldn't Attend Gay Conversion Therapy

Emily Scheck, a 19-year old New York state college student, found herself "cut-off" by her parents after they discovered her sexual orientation on social media. The conservative Christian family, apparently, does not agree with homosexuality.
(Washington Post)

Her parents gave her an ultimatum: come back to upstate New York & participate in conversion therapy, or else. Emily Scheck attends Canisius College on a partial Cross Country athletic scholarship. After Emily refused to go to treatment (denounced by the American Psychological Association) and magically become straight, they disowned her.

Needless to say, she refused her parent's request. After being cut off by her parents, Emilie's friend raised $58,000. The initial goal was $5,000. When the NCAA got wind of the funds raised, they threatened to cut her scholarship because it goes against their rules. After public outcry, the NCAA reversed their decision and allowed her to keep the money.

“Canisius and the NCAA will continue to work together in support of Emily,” the university said in a statement. “She is a member of the Canisius family, and we will do whatever we can to assist her.” RawStory   
"Sexual orientation conversion therapy refers to counseling and psychotherapy to attempt to eliminate individuals' sexual desires for members of their own sex. ... Typically, sexual orientation conversion therapy is promoted by providers who have close ties to religious institutions and organizations."

Emilies parent's said there's more to the story & they were only using the threat of disavowal to scare her to come and participate in the harmful therapy.
“It’s a private family matter,” Timothy Scheck said. “We love our daughter. We accept Emily.”