Friday, June 22, 2018

Trump tweet may doom House GOP effort on immigration

Trump tweet may doom House GOP effort on immigration

The legislation was already on life support, with party leaders deciding on Thursday to postpone a vote to the following day as they struggled to garner enough support for the measure. But Trump likely put the nail in the coffin, telling Republicans they should "stop wasting their time" on the divisive issue.

Vicky Beeching: Church must change or it'll cause more LGBTI suicides

Vicky Beeching: Church must change or it'll cause more LGBTI suicides

Christian campaigner was victim of an exorcism as a teen which made her think at the time she was controlled by demons Vicky Beeching says the Church must change if it wants to appeal to the younger generation Gay religious campaigner Vicky Beeching has said the way the church teaches LGBTI theology must change.

Trump hated giving up his baby jails — which he thinks are the ‘greatest deterrent’ to immigration

Art of Statue of Liberty responding to Melania with 'We Should All Care' jacket goes viral

Art of Statue of Liberty responding to Melania with 'We Should All Care' jacket goes viral

An artist's reaction to first lady Melania Trump's eye-catching jacket with the words "I really don't care. Do U?" is making the rounds on social media.

MSNBC Cuts Off Trump Immigration Event To Fact Check His Lies

Melania Trump Spits In The Face Of Every Detained Immigrant Child With O...

Activists vandalize billboard to blast ICE: "We make kids disappear"

Jim Jeffries Makes Jordan Peterson Admit He's WRONG

Thursday, June 21, 2018

To Say Americans Should Only Focus On American Children And Ignore Undocumented Immigrants Is False Choice

After seeing children in cages at various detention Trump child internment camps, people demanded answers. One photo, in particular, of a two-year-old Honduras girl pictured while authorities arrested her mother, captured the hearts of good people of America, not all of America agreed with having empthy for these children, but the majority of Americans felt for these kids. Not to take away from the struggling children in America, some of whom also face certain detention and the separation anxiety of parents going to jail or face poverty or inadequate medical care. Those issues don't go to the back burner, but in seeing the struggle of these undocumented children, it strengthens hope for American children, too. The emotion of empathy & compassion coupled with action builds a better society.

The compassion felt for these children at the southern border reflects the sympathy felt for suffering impoverished children in this country. What these children have in common with impoverished American children is a society that generally forgets of their existence. Out of sight, out of mind, some people don't want to see these children because it reminds them that society is much more complicated than themselves.

Over this past week, many right-wing Christians justified the separation of children in the most callous, I dare say socio-apathetic manner: why is the left so obsessed with these children? Abortion separates children too, ya know. Thus confirming what many on the left suggest, which is the right cares for children until they are born.

Many Americans, happy Trump caved on his policy of separating children from families at the Southern border, forget that this executive order does not include reuniting the families already torn apart by this zero-tolerance policy implemented 60 days ago. That's right, 60 days ago, not decades, not years.

Melania Trump on Thursday went to Texas to visit a detention center, which wasn't a real detention center, it was an evangelical center called "New Hope." While she canceled a visit at an actual kid prison of her husbands making. During the visit, boarding the flight, she wore a jacket, which read: "I really don't care, do u?" The message on that coat is clear: she doesn't give a damn about the kids suffering at the border.

Interview with Alyssa Milano reveals her role in The Resistance

Interview with Alyssa Milano reveals her role in The Resistance

WATCH: Protesters with children wrapped in thermal blankets stage a sit-in at the Russell Rotunda on Capitol Hill while calling on the Trump admin. to reunite migrant children with their parents, and end the new “zero tolerance” prosecution policy.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Religious leaders ask DC to revoke Trump Hotel's liquor license citing Trump's "lack of good character"

Why Do White Conservative Evangelicals Hate Undocumented Immigrants?

Since the founding of this country, fear-mongering about immigrants or the other has been a useful tactic for white racist politicians who feed their base racial anxiety. So, if it's all white people, why did white Americans hate the Irish & Italians? Simple. Conservatives considered the Irish lazy, dumb, and promoted the idea that they rape "white women." Whites deemed Italian dumb, dirty, uncultured Neandrathals. When society dehumanizes groups of people, it's easy to treat that ethnic group differently without conscious to bias.

Of course, stolen African-Americans during the trans-Atlantic slave kidnappings, conservatives rationalized their brutality by claiming the Africans were undocumented immigrants. I kid you not.

The claim then is immigrants commit a disproportionate rate of crime. But, is that true? Do undocumented immigrants commit more crime than American citizens? The data suggests that's not true.

According to The Root publication: "Study after study has shown that undocumented immigrants are less likely to engage in criminal behavior and less likely to be incarcerated than native-born Americans. In fact, the American Immigration Council reports that higher immigration is associated with lower crime rates.

Trump even faked a Department of Homeland Security report citing the statistic that 3 out of 4 people convicted of terrorism are foreign-born, even though most acts of domestic terrorism are committed by white men."

One of the biggest myths is that undocumented immigrants don't pay taxes, or that immigrants live off taxpayer money. At a federal level, undocumented immigrants don't qualify for anti-poverty benefits; on a state level that may differ. So, depending on state policies, undocumented immigrants could receive state benefits. Even if undocumented, employers must deduct federal, state and local taxes in every paycheck. Most don't even know, undocumented immigrants pay billions a year into social security benefits they'll never receive.

Promoting racial anxiety has been a white American modus operandi. The treachery of conquering and dividing, colonization, redlining, segregation, reappropriation, gentrification; all ensures whites have it better than minorities. If threatened, conservatives shriek with indignation, and someone is to blame for the changing culture, and it cannot be good white evangelical Christians. So, blaming others for societal problems encourages their sense of pious Christianity to destroy others without empathy be it economically or through immigration policies that benefit the heart of the Republican Party.

The useful distinction of conservatives, as opposed to left-leaning, is intentional; I make these distinctions because of scientific studies confirming traditionalists operate on fear. Also, conservatives, in some instances, support strongmen. Look at what Donald Trump told them: "I alone can fix" the problems in America. Although it was a lie, it comforted conservatives who want someone to lead them.

People of color know what it’s like to have the Bible used to justify slavery. Using the Bible to justify inhumanity anywhere is reprehensible, disingenuous, and deserves universal condemnation— by everyone.#KeepFamiliesTogether

Lawmakers banned from talking to detained migrant kids

Trump Caves On Family Separation at the Border

#Trump homeland security chief Kirstjen Nielsen heckled at Mexican eatery

Trump fans whine about reports on baby jails: ‘Quit trying to make us feel teary-eyed for the children’

Trump fans whine about reports on baby jails: ‘Quit trying to make us feel teary-eyed for the children’

Trump is a big fat liar. "We're going to keep the families together" @chucktodd #KeepFamiliesTogether #TenderAgeShelters #BabyJails #TrumpConcentrationCamps

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

LISTEN: As Pres Trump’s entourage entered Speaker Ryan’s office in the Capitol, someone on the other side of the Capitol rotunda yelled: “Mr. President, F—k you!!” (He entered about 15 seconds later)

“She’s a criminal”

No no no!!!!! This is not who we are!! We’ve seen this in third world countries and the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ have often condemned those countries on human rights violations!! We are better than this!!


10-year-old migrant girl with Down syndrome separated from family at border

Trump Supporters Cheer Immigrant Family Separation

Let us not assume that the Trump administrations practice of ripping brown children from their parents isn't about the race of the undocumented immigrant. Let us also get straight: seeking asylum is not a crime; even if folks skipped the entry point, seeking refuge is not a crime. Illegal immigrants can be turned around, most are, but separating children from their parents is a new practice implemented by the White House. So, when Trump says, it's Democrats policies causing large swaths of folks from Central America to seek asylum because they want open borders, it is a lie. Democrats want immigration reform, not open borders. That is an old right-wing talking point to scare conservative voters, who by definition operate on fear. Plenty of studies backs this claim up.

The racist strain of the Republican Party is fine with the removal of parents from children, which is said to be a deterrent for people crossing the border. The policy has not deterred folks.

Recently, right-wingers ask, why weren't people concerned about this before? It's simple: while folks faced deportation for illegal entry, families remained together. So, yes, the government previously deported families at an even higher rate than Trump but separated families is a new policy implemented roughly two months ago. The administration considered the course of action after Trump's inauguration but feared backlash; however, with border crossing up from Central American countries, Trump felt weak on immigration, which pushed DHS to separate families.

Trump supporters are happy with the new policy of 'caging' children like zoo animals. Some saying the children have it great. The children go to school, receive snacks, play video games, according to the government.

Other right-wingers articulate the kids should suffer because their parents broke the law. The families need to know to break the law has consequences and bringing family members does not preclude prosecution, they say.

Larua Ingrahm said it's basically summer camp for these kids. At summer camp, children know where their parents are, and parents know where their children can be located. That's not the case in this instance; parents often don't know where their children are.

No no no!!!!! This is not who we are!! We’ve seen this in third world countries and the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ have often condemned those countries on human rights violations!! We are better than this!!
As a Christian, I abhor the policy of ripping children from their families as I am sure Christ would be enraged.

'STOP!' These Kids are NOT MS13, These Kids are NOT Animals - Bakari Sel...

Border Patrol ripped girl with Down’s syndrome away from her mom — and now she’s lost

Trump suggests immigrant kids he’s holding hostage are crisis actors

Right-Wing Pastor Claims Throwing Children In 'Cage' Is Godly

As the Trump administration continues to gaslight the American people, the government continues to hold undocumented children in 'cages' for the alleged crimes of their parents.

Right-wing conservative Pastor Ralph Drollinger claims Attorney General Jeff Sessions' hardline immigration stance is biblical. If you break the law then if follows that consequences include jail. If a person is jailed, the family is separated. Therefore, family separation is not immoral, it's the result of illegal behavior.

Let's be clear: seeking asylum is not illegal. Administration officials implore people to visit 'ports of entry' to seek asylum. What the government is not telling you, people fleeing war, violence is turned away from those very ports of why they speak. Pastor Drollinger articulates people go to jail for murder or stealing. Comparing asylum seekers to murderers or thieves is meant to diminish the horror of violence perpetrated by drug cartels, corrupt politicians in their home countries.
“It follows that when someone breaks the law of the land that they should anticipate that one of the consequences of their illegal behavior will be separation from their children.

To reject claims of racism, the pastor uses more backward verbiage to justify promoting fear among right-wingers. I am a Christian, but these right-wing Christians using the Bible to justify horrendous policies is a bastardization of Scripture.

“To procedurally exclude foreign individuals who might be criminals, traitors, or terrorists, or who possess communicable diseases is not racist in the least!” ~ The Huffington Post

Well, isn't that cute? Avoid racism by appealing to a nonexistent law and fear-mongering. Just say it for god's sake, you don't like brown undocumented immigrants. This religious right-wing pastor is what's wrong with Christianity today; we have false prophets advising the government.