Friday, July 13, 2018

I Borrowed This Tweet: "Some pics from the U.K. this morning, I made a collage...lol"

@MSNBC put together a video last year counting 141 times that Trump mentioned WikiLeaks in the final month of the election

Over 250,000 London Protesters Hit The Street To Show Disdain For Trump. I Hope Their Soros Check Comes Quick. Still Waiting On Mine

Mueller Drops A Bombshell On Trump/Russia conspiracy

TRUMP: "I'm very popular in Britain." The 250,000 people at the anti-Trump protest in London, right now:

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Role Of Religion In Government

Faith is a personal mission to go through life following the morals, values of the religion you subscribe to. In my case, it's Christianity. Belief is that it's a personal struggle to building a relationship with God and encouraging bringing others to Christ is a daily plan.
That does not mean the government gets to force folks to accept a particular religion. As a Christian, I pray for people both Christians and non-Christians as we all need prayer. Christ is the most influential religious leader in history for a reason. Some who don't believe in God agree Jesus was a moral man. As a Christian, I like when people say good things about Christ. But, like C.S. Lewis said Jesus was either Christ or a madman. 

We see Jesus as a personal Savior. Faith is intimate, and something people hold dear to the heart and implement in their daily life, not under threat of government but under inspiration & the power of their faith.

Any theocratic governments exchange freedom, the freedom of religious liberty, to a totalitarian state, where one interpretation of a single religion controlled by the wealthy dictates all matters according to the analysis of religious leaders, often corrupt religious leaders.

To have religious liberty, the State must be neutral embedding a clause for freedom of religion, which is enshrined in the First Amendment.

The current president breaks God's commandments on a daily basis, yet some religious right Christians discount the obvious in exchange for possible notoriety. Donald Trump, himself, admitted to not asking for forgiveness, which is a cornerstone of the Christian faith; yet conservatives pass Trump off as the most Christian president of their lifetime If accurate, Trump is not a Christian.

Back to religions role in society. If we contend religion has a role in government, we reject the first amendment. Believing in God should shape, mold our lives into the image of Christ, who said people praying publically do so for praise from man, not God. For example, conservatives say school shootings only occurred after we took God out of the classroom. Regardless of your thoughts on school prayer, to blame God for a crazy man goes against the teachings of Christ, who is the prince of peace. Or 9/11 occurred because of homosexuals, the logic takes the responsibility off the perpetrators. Trump is a serial adulterer, bears false witness, and has broken uncountable laws. Instead of going to jail, Trump gets a fine, while a person who sold drugs waits months in prison because of the fact they didn't grow up wealthy. An unjust society in this world is natural, but tying it to a God, to any god is ridiculous.

Christians should love thy neighbor and live according to God's will, which is different for everyone but intersects with the Love of God and His will that all people come to His saving grace.

The government's job is to deal with society as a whole. Although we have different ideas of how government should function and what it should provide, the goals are not religious in nature. Of course, we all bring our religious views, and we shouldn't check them at the door, but we should be mindful that religion cannot influence the role of government. It's important to reiterate, we don't check our religious beliefs at the door of any situation as they are embedded in our being with the passion we have for serving God (those who believe in God), and we shouldn't hide that, but we must know the government isn't run as a theocracy.

The Peter Strzok Hearing Completely Backfires On Republicans - POLITICUSUSA

The Peter Strzok Hearing Completely Backfires On Republicans - POLITICUSUSA

Monday, July 9, 2018

College “Free Speech” Battle Has Dark Money Ties

The Religious Rights First Focus Was School Segregation, Not Abortion

The Trump administration prides itself on their "pro-life" stance, yet the women jailed in immigration concentration camps have been denied adequate medical care; some even causing miscarriages. With the debate over a Supreme Court Justice who believes in precedent or activist judges creating new law, issues of women being denied medical care because of who they are are not pro-life. With this lack of compassion in mind, I wanted to take a brief look at the history of the pro-life political movement.

Contrary to the current framing, the religious right didn't form from the Row V. Wade landmark decision, which legalized abortion. It was far less savvy than sticking up for life. The Religious Right's original mission: segregation. White evangelicals fought desegregation.
According to Slate: "It was Green v. Kennedy, a 1970 decision stripping tax-exempt status from "segregation academies"—private Christian schools that were set up in response to Brown v. Board of Education, where the practice of barring black students continued."

The political evangelical Christian position on abortion is roughly 40-years old. Before the abortion debate, the focus was on school segregation and racism. In the late 1970s, being openly racist turned some people off - thus a new culture war began against abortion, homosexuals & gun rights.

Evangelical political figures viewed the pro-life movement as something people could get behind and get behind it they did. In fact, abortion is for some Christians a number one voting issue. Regardless of the candidate, if pro-life, the Republican candidate has their vote.

Many people also consider religious liberty a top priority; however, that was not always the case. It wasn't until the religious right took over conservative politics that the issue of religious liberty became a voting issue. Until the 20th century, the elites discussed religious freedom, not the average congregant. Religious right leaders realized scaring voters & pushing false narratives worked best on naive Christians. The Christians who didn't pay attention to politics or even know what a candidate believed so-long as they hated the people powerful religious right leaders told them to hate, evangelicals supported them, which is how Donald Trump happened. Donald Trump is not the problem; he is a symptom of the problem. 40-years of culture wars created a monster.

As late as 1979, the Baptist Joint Committee argued before a federal court that the Hyde Amendment, which limited federal dollars used for abortion, was unconstitutional because it violated the Establishment Claus by choosing the Catholic faith over others.

 In essence, conservative Christians turned from a moral stance to a biblical literalist one, which fights against its threat, liberalism. Conservative Christians now struggle for radical free speech & attack anyone who doesn't agree with them as an enemy. Christianity used to be reasoned. But the religious right has enjoyed decades of deception. From Christian television shows to pushing candidates that have very little in common with the average Christian. The individual morality of a Christian has shifted to a mob of morality police. The same 'collectivism' the right charges the left, is a tactic of the right.

Be it the "silent minority" to the "moral majority," the religious right has become a powerhouse with large donors to drive their movement. Billionaire donors realized that supporting conservative pastors pays off by election time. Congregations are told to vote a certain way and for specific candidates.

Over the past 40-years, the pro-life movement has become more supportive of freedom of speech. They oppose the separation of church and state. Also, if you wonder why conservative Christians oppose the Affordable Care Act or natural insurance, it's been beaten into their heads for decades. Any form of what they see as "state health care" goes against billionaire's pocketbooks; so pastors cherry pick verses and regurgitate sermons opposing health care. Unless you can afford insurance, you don't deserve it. How does this idea appeal to the pro-life movement? The same way they justify the death penalty corresponds with their belief in individualist health care. Afford it or die.

 Don't think for a second conservative Christians can't organize and vote. As we saw in the 2016 presidential election, 80% of white evangelical Christians voted for an admitted sexual predator, racist & unrepentant bigot. The people who shout "liberalism is a mental disorder," don't even realize how the religious right uses them as pawns. Most remain loyal to the Republican party. Some try to remain purist saying "I don't subscribe to either party," but they remain supporters of Donald Trump.

Listen: SiriusXM host John Fugelsang hilariously baffles Christian voter insisting Trump is bringing Jesus back to US

Listen: SiriusXM host John Fugelsang hilariously baffles Christian voter insisting Trump is bringing Jesus back to US

Friday, July 6, 2018

Why Evangelicals Fetishize Guns

Right wing pastors fetishize the Second Amendment because Americans link firearms to manhood. Pastors, especially those with low self-esteem, use guns as an "inalienable" right. Meaning, the promise to live, means taking a life if appropriate. If a life is in danger, it makes complete sense to shoot a death machine at folks. Self-defense is one thing, but the obsession over tools of death corrupt the teachings of Christ. As a kid, I knew my grandfather had firearms, but he didn't bring them out and show them to us. Grandpa kept his guns locked up & out of sight. I learned later that he has a concealed carry permit; we never saw the gun, yet he was armed. Law abiding gun owners don't feel the need to show off their weapons because they are not toys!

Among white evangelical Christians, a persecution complex is expected. For the downtrodden, evangelicals think God loves them more than other Christians. Guns can reinforce conservative beliefs that God wants folks to have weapons to protect life because God is so pro-life, He wants you to take it.

In fact, self-proclaimed 'prophets' have made a name for themselves by selectively singling out alleged persecution for their programs, podcasts, etc.

The Atlantic: In the United States, evangelical values have often been in tension with public policy and cultural mores, especially in the last several years; this includes recent debates over contraceptives coverage, abortion rights, and the rise of same-sex marriage. Some Christians anticipate major restrictions to religious liberty in the future as a result of these tensions, a concern that is not unfounded. But in anticipating such restrictions, it is easy to imagine, wrongly, that they are already here."

"Evangelical sub-culture plays a huge role in this perception. The “Jesus Freak” movement of the mid-1990s, started by the popular musical group DC Talk, made martyrdom and exclusion hip—these were signs that someone was a “true” Christian. Teens were encouraged by youth-group leaders to read historical accounts of Christian martyrs and reflect on how they could be Jesus Freaks, too. Being a “loser” in the world’s eyes for the sake of Jesus was, paradoxically, cool. But the emphasis, perhaps unintentionally, was on being a “freak,” rather than following Christ and accepting the consequences."

One of the biggest triggers of the Christian Culture War is the mythical War on Christmas. Even though a Christmas war is nonsense, conservatives around the country believe people who say Happy Holidays mean them disrespect. Because Christmas trees aren't in every window ceil, therefore, a War on Christmas?

With this victim complex, you can see why fear sells, especially to white evangelical Christians. I make the distinction between white evangelical Christians and liberal Christians because one feeds on fear while the other enjoys dissecting facts.

Fear, even of the unknown, is a poor way to go through life. Powerful gun lobbies feed on the anxiety of conservatives - telling them the government is one step away from taking your guns. What happens when conservatives hear this nonsense? Gun sales go thru the roof. Fear sells. Victimization & fetishization of firearms is an inevitable outcome from this 24/7 confusion and conservative talk show bitterness. And the rhetoric is getting worse. Now, the left is, supposedly, planning a Second Civil War. What does this do to the already fragile minds of conservatives? Buy more guns, of course. 

Kids as young as toddlers have to be their own lawyers in immigration courts

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Can Socialism work?

This right-wing rally in Portland was declared a riot amid clashes with Antifa protesters

Michael DiSabato, a former OSU wrestler who was in the story about Rep. Jim Jordan that NBC News broke, told me today there’s no question in his mind that Jordan “knew it all” re: sexual abuse on the wrestling team.

FBI basher & Trump enabler Jim Jordan @Jim_Jordan is set to take his turn in the barrel. Another GOP authoritarian control freak associated with pedophilia. Radical evangelicals seem to misread "Jesus loves the little children." Weirdo!

Mother With Her 2-Year-Old Confronts Scott Pruitt at a DC Restaurant

Mother With Her 2-Year-Old Confronts Scott Pruitt at a DC Restaurant

Monday, July 2, 2018

Megachurch Pastor Dean Curry Removed as Life Center Leader After He Is Accused of 'Adultery'

Megachurch Pastor Dean Curry Removed as Life Center Leader After He Is Accused of 'Adultery'

Trump Judicial Pick Who Blogged Favorably About the KKK Had to Withdraw. Now He’s at the Justice Department. – Mother Jones

Trump Judicial Pick Who Blogged Favorably About the KKK Had to Withdraw. Now He’s at the Justice Department. – Mother Jones

EPA chief Scott Pruitt flees Washington eatery after woman cradling toddler confronts him, says he's 'harming' children - NY Daily News

EPA chief Scott Pruitt flees Washington eatery after woman cradling toddler confronts him, says he's 'harming' children - NY Daily News

Ana Kasparian EXPOSES Racist Policing

How The Dixiecrat Revolt Marked The End Of The Solid South

The identity of the Democratic party is their support for the working class. However, the party has a bad and good record on fighting racism & segregation. The South stood in opposition to Civil Rights for Africans. The beginning of the end of the southern Democratic stronghold in 1948. In 1948, at the DNC convention, Democrats voted to include Civil Rights in their platform, which resulted in southern Democrats dramatically walking out of the convention and forming the 'States' Rights Party,' which later became the Dixiecrats. From 1948 thru the 1960s the lowest number of Democratic House seats was 93%.

The goal was to win enough presidential third party votes to send the election to the Congress; however, the southern racists lost. Although they did receive 39 electoral votes. After this, Dixiecrats moved to the Republican Party. Truman advocated for policies that would keep blacks safe. Hubert Humphery defended Civil Rights.

Many poor whites supported the Democratic plans of helping the underprivileged southerners until the plans of the New Deal began to benefit blacks more than whites. Many racist were so discriminatory, they didn't want to share the same drinking fountains and washrooms with Blacks.

The Republican Party played on white southern rage to move them to the GOP, it worked. As the Republican Party became the party for whites and the Democratic Party became the party for African-Americans.