Monday, May 21, 2018

For those following along at home, here’s what the @NRA and lawmakers beholden to them have blamed for America’s mass shootings since Friday: Violent video games. Mental illness. Bullying. Hollywood. Entrance and exit doors. Socialism.

Giuliani "made up" Mueller's Trump-Russia probe September deadline, report says

Nutjob Coach Dave Daubenmire claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting married violated his rights because it was all a 'Psy Op.'

Nutjob Coach Dave Daubenmire claims Prince Harry and Meghan Markle getting married violated his rights because it was all a 'Psy Op.' The Royal Wedding triggered Dave because it promoted racial harmony and unity. The inspirational sermon before the wedding gave fire to the power of love. It was one of the most beautiful sermons I've ever heard. Dave, who claims to be a Christian, skipped right over the beautiful sermon. This man scores another point as to why people dislike evangelical Christians who voted for Donald Trump or defend his reprehensible behavior.

Daubenmire is a nut as far as I am concerned. If a couple wants a blended family, it's none of your damn business. You can go piss up a rope. You piece of garbage.

In the past, Daubenmire wondered if marrying another race was righteous or evil. He wasn't talking about same-sex marriage. Dave claims that interracial marriage is disgraceful. Now, does the Bible say that Christians cannot marry other ethnic groups? Of course not. But facts be damned to this idiot, who gives Christians a bad name. With a mass exodus of people leaving Christianity because of its judgemental attitude, this individual gives confirmation to those tired of judgment by the religious right. I wouldn't leave Christianity, but I am not conservative, or political evangelical.

NRA President Blames Ritalin For School Shootings

Convicted felon and new NRA President Oliver North claims the latest mass school shooting was caused by you guessed it Ritalin - insinuating that mental illness inspired the shooter through side-effects of a prescription medication. Now does North know whether the kids (I won't name the gunman) used medication for ADHD? Of course not. The alleged shooter studied former school massacres. Apparently, a girl rejected the shooter's advances and classmates bullied him for body odor. 

After a school shooting the NRA blames everything from mental illnesses to lack of prayer in public school. Conservatives blame everything except guns. Blaming guns is a violation of the Second Amendment, they say.

John Bolton caught using a 'shadow' council to funnel new personnel into the White House

John Bolton caught using a 'shadow' council to funnel new personnel into the White House

Saturday, May 19, 2018

MSNBC's @JoyAnnReid and @chrislhayes are shining a spotlight on racism in America — and we want to hear about your experience with #everydayracism. Send a selfie video or a note to RacismInAmerica@nbcuni.com.

Students arrested for protesting at Paul Ryan's office following deadly Texas school shooting

The n-word is considered the most offensive word in the English language. “Straight white male” is ... not.

One day you’re 15 and posing outside Buckingham palace and 22 years later you’re marrying the Prince.

Friday, May 18, 2018

BREAKING: @SpeakerRyan is having high school kids arrested for peacefully protesting outside his office for gun reform now

The United States Broke Its Deal To Broker Peace In The Middle East

A conservative Christian opinion piece writer claimed the Palestinians do not belong in Israel. Because of course, to him, Palestinians are not people. Going into a deep dive of all the factors and nuanced claims of the Palestinian people is not the point of this piece. The false political debate over the "rightful owner of the land" is nonsense. The fight over the land for evangelicals is a faith claim, not so much a political one. In fact, most Christians could not point on a map to where modern-day Palestine is; because of course, the religious right claims the land belongs to Israel.

Israel is the eternal home of the Jewish people. The only Jewish state in the world. Arabs have 24 nations; the Jewish people have Israel. I understand the biblical claims to Jerusalem as a Jewish capital; however, a peace deal doesn't have to be either or; people have a right to a peaceful homeland of their own. Hamas, the government of the Palestinians, is seen as a terrorist organization. With Hamas, they are correct. It is a terrorist organization, but the people of Palestine are not all terrorists.

Palestinian Christians started the Falastin (Palestine) publication in 1911. In 1964, the Arabs, previously referred to as Palestinian Arabs, dropped the Arab distinction. During the British Mandate, the term 'Palestinian' described the Arabs living in the Jewish community. Even though residing there, Palestinians did not have a legal right to the land. Most surely the Jewish people have a right to a state. Their own nation.

Palestinians are an ethnonational group comprised of those born in modern-day Palestine. Palestinians are culturally and linguistically Arab.

Half of Palestinians live in historic Palestine in the area surrounding the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Israel, which constitutes half the population of the combined areas.

The Roman Procurator gave the land of Israel the name Palestine, some allege, because of his hatred of the Jewish people - to revise history and take away the Jewish ancestral historical ties to their homeland.

However, the Jewish people returned to modern-day Israel; changed to a state in 1948. However, ethnic-Palestinians, Arabs, remained in the region until around 700,000 thousand left after the 1967 War, in which Israel claimed even more land. After that, Palestinians returned to claim their personal belongings, some stayed; to this day, they're considered refugees and not the residence of a Palestinian state. The fight over Jerusalem, in which Eastern Jerselum would go to the Palestine and Western Jerselum would be the Jewish capital -- that all changed when the United States breached its long-standing broker of a peace negotiation ended with Jerseulum no longer in consideration as part of a Palestinian state. America clearly took sides, therefore, peace in the Middle East is almost impossible.

Brian Williams: Suspected TX Gunman’s Eyes ‘Have Gone Dead’ In Mugshot – Talking Points Memo

Brian Williams: Suspected TX Gunman’s Eyes ‘Have Gone Dead’ In Mugshot – Talking Points Memo

TX Lt Gov Dan Patrick, a fierce opponent of gun control, says today's shooting may have been caused by Texas schools having "too many entrances and too many exits."

Republicans I NRA

Trump's China Tariffs Sending BILLIONS To Russia

Thursday, May 17, 2018

"Below is a piece of Nazi propaganda in which Hitler published pictures of Jewish criminals next to their crimes. The purpose was to create the association that all Jews were thieving, sub-human animals. This is precisely what Trump is doing when he brings up MS-13.… https://t.co/Ac8tfQH2w1"

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

In The Trump Era, Decency Is DEAD!

In the era of Trump, decency, honesty, compassion & empathy makes one weak. The more erratic, the better chance a Republican has of getting elected. By saying the Democratic Party stands for nothing (not correct) - and insulting every minority group possible, the better a Republican's political career aspirations rise. That is to say, Trumpism infecting the Republican Party is the New GOP. Trump represents the Republican Party. For those who say Republicans used to be decent, shut up.

It's nothing less than disingenuous to insist compassionate Democrats who want to increase wages and make sure your kids have health care suddenly reflects bigotry, but a GOP politician ranting against illegal immigrants as rapists and criminals gain respect for "telling it like it is."

Trump calls the Russia Investigation a "witch hunt," however, with at least 19 indictments; three guilty pleas to include jail time for a lawyer who pleaded guilty to lying about contact with Russia, the investigation does not fit the definition of a witch hunt. To point out, for fun: no one in the Obama administration faced criminal proceedings nor did Obama need a lawyer.

With the election of Donald Trump, his supporters; the Republican base lost their minds - giving him a pass for sexual assault, something Democrats reject even for their own, stiffing workers, open-corruption, violating the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, to enrich his family, not tolerated under a Democratic President, is passed off as "they all do it." While that's not true, what is true is Donald Trump's promise to "Drain The Swamp" isn't happening. In fact, Trump is filling the swamp with unqualified family members, former torturers & people who hate the agencies they run. In effect, Trump cabinet members' goal is to destroy the agency they represent.

Earlier, I made a distinction between Trump voters and the Republicans to tie the groups together as one base. Because the Trump base is the Republican base, the difference is void.

Some Republican politicians, running in 2018, are already running Trumpian commercial advertisements; who can outdo the others' bigotry, divisiveness? Don't look at the massive tax breaks given that don't benefit the average worker; no look at how racist, pseudo-patriotic, while maintaining a strong sense of Christian patriotism.

Don't look at Trump's horrible policies or the fact that gas is over $3 a gallon; look at how Trump moved the U.S. Embassy to Jeruselum. What does that do for you and your family? Not one bit. People losing their health care left and right, who cares? Forget about the racist pastors enriching themselves in the Trump presidency. As you, evangelicals continue to do, look the other way. Ignore it.

Kamala Harris Spars with Kirstjen Nielsen over Family Separation at the ...

Greatest Hypocrisies In The Trump Era

This Trump supporter harassed peaceful demonstrators, hurled crude insults, and even broke a woman's glasses

Council of Nicaea Didn't Decide The Holy Spirit Was Equal To God The Father & God The Son (One Substance One God) Part One.

The Council of Nicea concluded, to condemn the gnostic gospels, Jesus & the Father are both God yet separate; however, the Council left out the Holy Spirit as equal to God, thus God the Holy Spirit. 

The doctrine of the Trinity developed as a later theologic consensus.  (See the Council of Chalcedon; A.D. 451)

The early Church Fathers felt no need for such official doctrine as the Scriptures mention three divine Persons; thus God's self-evident nature revealed the Trinity.

As previously stated, the Council of Nicea didn't address the triad. Nicea didn't address the Holy Spirit as an eternal Person equal to God and God the Holy Spirit; therefore at best, the Council presented a duality.

The doctrine of the Trinity, as we know it today, evolved as an Orthodox Church teaching.

 Most notably, some of the Church leaders, Athanasius of Alexandria & his mentor, Patriarch Alexander. They took up the matter of the Holy Spirit's divinity, too.

The Basis is Threefold

1). Christ was with God in the beginning. (John 1:1).

2). 30 I and my Father are one. (John 10:30).

3).  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: (Matthew 28:19).

The early church didn't thoroughly understand the Holy Spirit's role in the Trinity, or the doctrine of the Godhead as an orthodox theology until later.

What the early Church Fathers did understand consequences for the unforgivable sin as lending credence to the transcendent importance of the Holy Spirit; thus equated the Holy Spirit as the third Person of the Trinity. After all, the evidence supported the claim.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Fifth-Century Church Father, Gerasimus, Explains Trinity

When understanding the [Trinity], it's a good idea to look back to the early Church Fathers & decipher their interpretations of the Holy Trinity. No, you don't have to - to understand it, but it is interesting for those who like to read the text by early Christian leaders.

Today, people focus on Ruckman, Hoffman & others as if they started the Christian church. But, hundreds of years ago, Christians had different views of the Christian faith. Some "literal" interpretations of the Bible are a new phenomenon and not original Christian thought.

Just a side note, Eastern Orthodox Christians do not believe in original sin. Western Christians do believe in original sin. But that's for a different lesson. Right now, I would like to give a brief write-up on what one (I added a few others) 5th century Christian Father thought of the Trinity and how he explained it.

Gerasimus, known as Gerasimus of Jordan, came from a wealthy family in Asia Minor but abandoned all worldly possession to become a monk in the region of the Egyptian desert (Africa). He also traveled through Palestine and Jordan. He became known for his righteous life & devotion to prayer.

Gerasimus also attended the Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon in (A.D. 451). Gerasimus gave extensive apologies for the Christian faith; to prove Christianity is the one true religion. Most of his arguments are brilliant.

Right now, I want to focus on his defense of the Trinity. Although his arguments are extensive, this short general summery shows his use of imagery as an explanation: first, Gerasimus asked Jews, and Muslims if three lights were on in the same house, would you say there is light in the house, or would you say there are three lights in the house? The lit house contains three lights.

His second argument, again extensive, but this, my response, is an incredibly simplistic response: if three people are singing the same hymn, would you say three people are singing the different hymns, or three people are singing the one?

Throughout his arguments (which again, I suggest you read if you are into the historical context of the Trinity) he gives listeners & readers the ability to visualize the Trinity within the context of three separate persons as one.

Each person of the Trinity has different attributes that distinguish and differentiate one from the other. However, the agreement between the three persons are many because, as three persons, He is one God with one substance, one nature, one honor, and eternal. These characteristics not uniform among humans are among the essence of God.

The totality of each person of the Trinity is in the entirety of every one of the three, yet He is entirely God.

The Godhead is not comparable with human equivalents, therefore, do not violate God's unity and transcendence. In case of objection, Gerasimus clarifies the idea of God as one substance and three hypostases - Christians do not present God as three separate humans.

If Christians, gathered under one mind, be of one substance, so God; of three persons; be of one essence. The church is of one body, one mind & one spirit.  God is three persons, which doesn't mean three gods, but God Almighty, His Word, and His Spirit are Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three distinct persons, not parts.

Irenaeus of Lyons (AD 130-202) Bishop of Lugdunum: "He is Himself in His own right, beyond all men who ever lived, God, and Lord, and King Eternal, and the Incarnate Word, proclaimed by all the prophets, the apostles, and by the Spirit Himself, may be seen by all who have attained to even a small portion of the truth." Lyons also explains: "Christ Himself, therefore, together with the Father, is the God of the living."  [Tim Barnett; Stand to Reason].

Justin Martyr (AD 100-165) second-century apologist: "a Son; who also, being the first-begotten Word of God, is even God."  [Tim Barnett; Stand to Reason].

So many other Church Fathers confirmed the Trinity, God in three persons.  To have knowledge of, and reject the Trinity, is to deny God.

Friday, May 11, 2018

The Alt-Right Is A Reflection Of Donald Trump

With the election of Donald Trump, right-wing groups came out of the shadows to outright show their true colors. White nationalists aren't a new phenomenon. It's no surprise white hate groups despise immigrants. For years, these white identity extremists hid in the shadows; with the election of Donald Trump, groups like the "Alternative Right" birthed into the mainstream dialogue. These right-wing groups, especially the alt-right, is a direct reflection of Donald Trump's campaign; his anti-immigrant message; he used racist verbiage to bring in suckers. Trump railed against African-Americans, called Mexicans rapists and criminals; all the while, evangelical Christians clung to the same message for different reasons. On the heels of a black president & fear of a changing country, Trump's message of anti-political correctness appealed to them.

The Alternative Right is a group of young white folks, mostly online, who claim to defend western civilization, oppose Islam, immigration and the declining patriarch of the white male.

The Alt-Right feeds on the social anxiety of who they call "social justice warriors"; commonly referred to as SJWs, who call for an inclusive society. The New Right randomly posts clips of SJWs triggered - triggered by anything such as pronouns to racism, anti-Semitic comments.


MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle tears up while scolding White House for John McCain comments

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle tears up while scolding White House for John McCain comments

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle chocked up and was near tears reporting on the "fierce backlash" against White House special assistant Kelly Sadler's comments on Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). "We're coming to you at a time when poking fun at the impending death of a former Navy fighter pilot, a prisoner of war, a long-time public servant who is now battling brain cancer, that appears to be fair game," she noted.

The View’s Meghan McCain responds to Trump aide who mocked her dad’s cancer -- and it’s actually sort of perfect

The View’s Meghan McCain responds to Trump aide who mocked her dad’s cancer -- and it’s actually sort of perfect