Sunday, June 23, 2013

Prosecution: We Want Two Books. George Zimmerman.

The prosecution is set to start off with proving intent. That George Zimmerman did in fact shoot Trayvon Martin knowing full well the law.
 Zimmerman claimed on national television show namely the Sean Hannity program on the Fox News channel; he claimed he did not know about the Stand You Ground law.
He lied because in order to obtain a concealed weapons permit the law regarding self defense is thoroughly covered.
 With the former self appointed neighborhood watch Captain being dishonest it begs to wonder just what else he is being dishonest about.

Two of the books the prosecution wants are titled:

- Criminal Law and Procedures for the Paralegal: A Systems Approach, 3rd Edition Delmar Learning

-- Criminal Justice in Action, 4th Edition (Gaines & Miller).

These two books will help the prosecution build their foundation of what Zimmerman
s intent and knowledge of the law was. With opening statements to begin 6/24/2013 the stage is surely being set to viciously go after Zimmerman and his violent past.

*His bully and racial bias comments and statements may be used against him. His past allegations of molestation.
* A cousin has alleged allegation of sexual molestation from the age of six until her late teens. This is a glimpse into the alleged murderers personal character.

* He is accused of bullying a Middle Eastern man with racial epithets and bulling the man to the point of employer intervention.

* Zimmerman has been accused of being Jeckle and Hyde by former co workers.
There are many other accusations about the cop reject and hopefully the jury will sort out the mess and give Trayvon Martin justice and convict his killer.

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