Saturday, July 6, 2013

George Zimmerman claims the 17 year old Trayvon Martin was smothering him.


Mr.Crump is defending an teen shot dead in the street because of his appearance. 
*Crump someone that cares
GZ (to include yourself as you wish to be identified with GZ)
 Someone that lies, is apathetic, coward etc.

What we do know is that
He is a child rapist
We know that GZ told the girl not to tell.
He Beats Women
He beats and kicks animals
He assaults Cops
He bullies co workers
He promote racial epithets to co workers
He is mentally ill
He has a history of a "bad" memory.
We know that he said in reference to the 911 screams for help "that doesn't sound like me."
We know Voice Forensic Analysts both Concluded beyond scientific doubt that those screams were not from GZ.
We know GZ will have his father commit perjury in open court
We know that George Zimmerman
Ignored Experienced Authorities
Instigated a fight causing the recipient (TM) to stand "his" ground.
We know that he murdered a teen whom wasn't doing a damn thing wrong.
We know that he lied and did not have a broken nose
We know that the paper cuts on the back of his head did not need medical attention.
We know that the medics told him he had no reason to go to the hospital
We know that he is up to six different versions of that night.
We know that there is no way he could have pulled his gun out the way he said he did.
We know that two soldiers re enacted his version of events and it was a physically impossible story. 
We know that GZ made a comment stated he was going to wear a hoodie when he gets out of jail. 
We know that he stockpiled weapons a few days after the event.
We know that GZ mother forced him to marry a white girl
We know that he will conspired with his wife to hide a large sum of money and then lie about it.
We know his lawyer committed Perjury according to what "GZ  said jail house call 
The only misinformation are found is GZ statements.  Among many other questions whowas with him, whose door he was knocking on @ 2:42 in the 911 call...

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