Monday, July 22, 2013

New Writing Project Piece

“Ben, you crept up late last night and stole my heart; taking it captive. You got me good – you got me good just like you said you would,” Hannah said. I’m screaming she has some nerve; “I only exist when you crave sheer complacent infatuation. If you embrace my devious ambitions than I’ll take into accounts all of your mistrust, and address the insecurities that you possess. I’m in freaking distress, reminding myself to weigh the gravity of the situation.” I said. I’m stuck in-between here and an overactive facial expression. My jaded physic softens this voice of mine. “Girl, you never understood the tension expressed with my raw agony. Ease drop into my life, and you'll find the truth of my youth. I admit - you, never looked so lovely in black.” My nerves are shaking. This mouth of mine is breaking in and out of a panicked conversation. Rest assured these ears are falling for everything that you have to say.” I despise these frames formed in my mind; picture a perfect carving of you! I’m drained trying to rearrange what matters most to me, but the sky doesn't seem to look the same again, until you show the west coast is where you’ll be’ until you show me that your eyes are within the vicinity of my disingenuous excuse for a backup plan. I have deliberate a preemptive fraudulent emotional potion with devious intentions. Ever so cleverly she hit suggestion; yea I suggested with eyes closed a truer sense of you. Rearrange my disingenuous catastrophe, my diabolical past breaks down the barriers in her intuition design figure me out. Yea – she is taking on my facade, and attacking all of my yesterdays with invasive interruptions, lost call lost calls are counting up, now. Draping is deceit; hanging down, capsizing depression and inhaling the power of confusion, exhaling vain deliberating fixated interpretations of who I am. Her heart is skipping, and pumping - true, love.

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