Sunday, July 14, 2013

The George Zimmerman verdict is 6 complete miscarriage of justice has a violated cornerstone of what we call justice. Trayvon Martin was walking home from the store armed list skittles and an Arizona fruit drink. The teenager was profile is a criminal. He had done nothing wrong. George Zimmerman can't now come into the courtroom and expect the court to in essence give him the right to shoot and kill another human being. f**** it makes absolutely no sense; this is a facade a miscarriage of justice. This is a complete miscarriage of justice. Federal charges will hopefully take care of this and Trayvon's family will receive justice there's only one thing that the public can do to and that is that is the for federal offenses for federal charges against George Zimmerman for the violating Trayvon Martins civil rights; I only hope that this will bring the family justice and bring a young man legacy to change the future of our children; so that our children know they can be protected under the same that there's equal justice for all who live in these United States. Everything we do is to bring people together for peace. Therefor love; we are standing in for hope for the future of our children. If we fail to convict George Zimmerman we will have failed our children and send the wrong message we will send a message that it is okay to profile children is OK to follow children is OK to get out of your car and chase people children your children my children our children we cannot afford to be provided under nation that is supposed to be united and if we are truly United and every one is equal there is no one that is above the law there is no one that get to pass there is no one that can kill someone and I get off there is no reason I miss her what George Zimmerman should not have been.i, so will it to our children to file federal charges against George Zimmerman he needs to be convicted he needs to be found guilty we listen to each other to come together and to say this is not acceptable this is not the right thing to do in this country we cannot have vigilante folks out there chasing people folks up there taking the long way to their own racist people are getting away with against people that don't look like with people dead they don't understand people that they think I should not be with people that are suppose to equal justice but justice equal and we all deserve justice no one no one is above another person I only held George Zimmerman will forever hear the screams Trayvon Martin every waking

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