Friday, August 16, 2013

Assertion of our Existence

Most people would argue that the purpose of life is merely a coincidence derived from evolution. Most believers of the theory of evolution claim they have the answers to the world’s beginning. Scientists claim they are certain that evolution is indeed the explanation for existence. I strongly oppose this theory. First, evolution in its totality has never been proven, like most will blindly claim. Second, if there is no purpose to life, if we simply happened by mere chance, then why are scientists so concerned with continuing to “prove” evolution as a means of existence? From an internal perspective, I assert that if there is no God and if there is no form of deity or divinity, then morals and conscience essentially have no meaning. Accountability has no meaning unless we can associate it with meaning and some sort of value. If we associate words with images and emotions with the world around us, we can conclude that life has to be more than what we see. Life has to be something that we, humans, could not have possible created. Our existence is not simply by chance. As a society, we know that a higher form of existence has to be present. Scientists themselves are continually updating, refuting, or debunking their own theories. The Bible tells us not to lean on our own understanding. Although we can see much from the inside looking out, as humans our knowledge is limited, like a dead end road. With all that we see around us in this great big world, we know that scientists were neither given the ability to completely make sense of our existence, nor were they given the certainty or boastful pride to conclude that there is no God. I know that I love nothing more than to see love. Love is a word that can be associated with having a high opinion of someone, be it emotionally or spiritually. With some people, places, experiences, convictions, or enlightenment, our senses associate that which we call love as having a high opinion of others. The Bible tells us to love each other as we love ourselves. That says we have to know ourselves from the inside out — throw out all the rest. The things that people said you would never be able to accomplish, that boss that looks at you like you’ll never become anything, that teacher that doesn’t care whether you pass or fail. Throw out their thoughts, their looks, and their hurts so you have space for what you really need to see from the inside looking out. Our minds are more complex then a computer but similar in that there is only so much memory in our “hard drive.” If you fill your mind up with junk and let it remain junk, that is all you will ever see from the inside looking out. If you replace the misconceptions about your life, then you can finally start seeing that you have something to lose, something to make life worthwhile. Both you and I have something to lose. To me, it’s my relationship with my Lord and Savior, and the relationship with my family. What do you have to lose? If you don’t know, start looking on the inside, from the inside and look out. Establish who you are in the body of Christ by continual prayer and seeking scriptures. Dr. J. Cyr. (C) 2009

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