Thursday, September 19, 2013

Stop The Cycle Of War And Spending.

As a country we spend more revenue funding the Military Industrial Complex than any other program. The tax payers are milked for their hard earned dollars, while the rich Military Industrial complex, happily cashed in the big bucks. There is money to be paid, money to be made, and the cost of American life to be given and earned off war; which we are becoming desensitized to, in our current state of reality. "That's because the cost of war always turns out to be more than estimated. Who could forget the $60 billion high-end figure the Bush administration offered in early 2003 as its estimate for its coming invasion of Iraq? A decade later, we've spent $814 billion in Iraq to date with the full price tag yet to come in. Recently, when the Obama administration was planning to launch Tomahawk missiles against Syria, just about nobody even bothered to talk about what it would have cost. (Before Washington even considered such a strike, the Tomahawk program was already costing US taxpayers $36,000 per hour all year long.)" We have to stop this senseless cycle of violence, and reckless spending. There are many programs on the verge of collapsing, We can do better. Source. Mattea Kramer and Miriam Pemberton (19Sept 2013). Why Washington's Trillions of Military Dollars Would Be Better Spent Elsewhere. Mother Jones.

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