Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sincerely Me

If this is what you say is honesty, then, honestly I need a Xanax now. Nothing feels familiar to me. My brain aches with heart attack decision. Medication hasn't taken a hold on me in years. If I had a best friend she'd be someone I used to know, she'd swing her hair across her eyes, and walk out the door when I need her most. But I lost control along the way. And, sanity caught me in the act of crashing into my waterbed. Now I'm hearing voices which makes my, alternate backup, plan, disingenuously foiled by the betrayal of hope turning into madness. Before you hold me back, before I don't deserve you, understand that I'd never let something you'd regret come in-between us, again. I lost you in the moment, holding your breath claiming you're thinking this over. I must say you've never looked so good in black.

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