Monday, January 27, 2014

It’s a great thing to know that God’s word never changes. The same instructions that applied
yesterday apply today as well. The fruits of the Spirit lay out a clear and understandable element to living
in perfect harmony.

Love is always on time. Love is something that can be unseen and, of course, love can also be seen. It
can be seen in people, seen in the way we treat others. As we all have unique personalities, is it important
to note that we all show love in different ways. I might be an emotionally charged person, whereas you
might show your love through baking a cake, etc. Love never ceases to exist. Life without love is without
life. To truly experience life is to love and be loved.
The Bible says love your neighbor. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Loving your neighbor
as you love yourself says two things; one, we must love ourselves. Loving ourselves includes knowing
who we are, what we like, what we dislike. Loving ourselves corresponds with taking care of ourselves
and submitting to the will of a perfect God, controlling what we put into or on our bodies. Two, the love
we have for ourselves is used to measure our love for others. This love is to coincide with the love we
have for others. So to love is to know.
Do you love yourself? Do you love the Lord? Love as the Lord loves us.

Joy is something positive that comes directly from the Lord. We may be going through trials and
heartaches but the Lord gives us joy, jubilation, comfort, and peace of mind in a storm. Even if everything
is falling apart in your life, you can still experience joy which the Lord freely gives. All you have to do is
ask in faith. I went through a time in my life when I was severely depressed. It seemed like everything
was falling apart. I realize that the more I praised the Lord, the more joy I would receive. Joy is said to be
something that the devil can not take from you. God knows this. God knows His joy cannot be taken from
His people. In all His perfection, He gives us joy.

Patience is something that every person could use. I know I personally have needed patience in my
life. Sometimes God is telling us to wait and there are times we don’t listen and go ahead and do X or Y
and it ends up not working out because we did not have patience. There is a reason that God tells us to
just be still and wait. Some people don’t utilize patience and go ahead and do that which we should have
waited on. These people come before the Lord and ask Him, ‘Why didn’t this work out, God?’ God would
most likely say, ‘You heard me talking, but you didn’t listen.’

Peace is something that we can see. Peace is something we can feel. Peace is in complete solidarity
with the world around us. Peace keeps people together. Families prosper with peace. Our world would
prosper with peace. Peace is freedom - freedom from chaos, war, confusion, and turmoil. Peace turns
away from hostility and avoids anything separate from peacefulness. If we all sought peace in this world,
in our homes, on the job, and in our schools, we would all find piece of mind. Can you possibly imagine
what life would be like? Of course, peace is from our God in Heaven. God designed peace for us. Peace is
a choice. To some degree, peace is a choice. If countries and nations are forced into chaos, the leaders still
have the choice to utilize peace.

Kindness goes along with love. Kindness shows our heart to others. The Bible says it is better to give
then to receive. Have you ever had a lot of something and you knew someone who didn’t have anything?
Have you ever given to someone who needed something you had to give? It’s a good feeling. If God has
been kind to you with whatever gifts or blessings, be kind and pass out the fruit of that blessing. Jesus
said even if you get a glass of water for someone, it’s kind. We give God glory through kindness. With
genuine and loving kindness, you can not go wrong! The Lord was kind to us. He gave each and everyone
of us gifts to lead people to Him. Yours may be to sing. My gift might be to help promote Christian
education, etc. God didn’t leave anyone out when He made each and everyone of us special and unique.

Faithfulness is a fruit we need to serve God. To know He and His promises exist, we must have faith
and walk in faith. The good thing about faith is that it comes from the Lord. So we can seek and believe
and He will give us faith. As we grow in our relationship with the Lord, we gain knowledge and wisdom.
Faith will help get the mind focused on our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Faithfulness is extremely
important in serving and living a Christian life.
Many people don’t like the thought of God, because God’s existence means there are morals.
Faithfulness brings us closer to our Lord and Savior. As our faith grows, so does our relationship with
God. Daniel had a tremendous amount of faith when he was placed in the lion’s den, but he knew God
was with him. How many of us would have the courage and faith to go into the lion’s den? Faithfulness
shows love, respect, allegiance, and confidence in what or with whom your faith is placed.

Goodness is something that, again, comes directly from the Lord. The Lord is the only one who is
truly good. Good is light, it is the way of the wise. There is no dark in goodness. Through faithfulness, we
see the goodness of God in our lives. We all need goodness. It doesn’t matter who we are — we all need
it. If you don’t want goodness but you have the ability to choose to have goodness, why would you deny
the perfection of God’s goodness? Having a relationship with the lord is that goodness that humans seek.
You can see in the light, unlike in the dark, where you cannot see anything when the lights go out. I pray
for goodness to be within our spirits, that through the goodness of God in us, that we might bring others to
God for His word is true. There is no other goodness possible than the goodness of the creator. People tell
their children, ‘You better be good!’ God is the source of goodness. Through God, we can “act right” for
He is able and willing to help us. All we have to do is ask!

Gentleness is something that brings comfort and shows wisdom as well as understanding. Gentle is
our God, through all His grace and power. He says metaphorically that we are His sheep. Shepherds are
gentle with their sheep. They kindly guide them to different places. We, too, need to have the fruit of
gentleness within our families and with coworkers, friends, and neighbors. Gentleness brings calm to
volatile situations. Gentleness builds love in relationships. The fruit of being gentle shows wisdom in that
gentleness is a fruit of the spirit. Gentleness is part of the blueprint to life.

Self-control brings end to a quarrel before it starts. Self-control is a sign of wisdom and
understanding. A personal example of self control being implemented stems from two separate
experiments with my grandfather, if you will. I would never intentionally destroy anything. Case in point,
I was shooting at cans once with a pellet gun. Well, much to my surprise, my grandfather’s tractor window was shot out.
I thought, ‘What the…?’ My brother said, ‘You did it!’ I realized the sights were very off on the pellet gun.
So, I went on the short journey to go tell my grandfather. He came out and saw
what had happened. He didn’t get mad, though. ‘I believe,’ he said, ‘the sights are off on this gun. Let’s
put it up for a while.’ Another time my grandfather utilized self control was in regards to another of my
experiments. My grandfather had a motorcycle on the farm. I thought, ‘I want to see the max speed I can
go on this bike.’ So, I got to a place where I thought I had enough space to accomplish my goal. I had a
starting point, point A, but point B? Well, I didn’t have a point B. I started going as fast as I could. I
didn’t really think about the distance. I just assumed I had enough room. So I am going fast and realize I
can’t slow down because there was dirt everywhere. Even though I tried to slow down it didn’t work. I
ended up crashing into my grandfather’s fence. I got up and was glad my grandpa wasn’t home at the
time. I was trying hard to get the bike out of the fence when my grandfather came rolling in on his tractor.
He looked at me and I pointed at the bike. He nodded his head and came over to help me get the bike out.
He didn’t get mad, though. I have a scar to remind me never to do something like that again. I always
wonder why he never got mad. I realized he had the fruits of the spirit and that is a sign of wisdom not
weakness. It is so easy to get mad. How much harder it is to utilize self control? Through the Lord, we
have strength. If we seek, He will help us.

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