Saturday, March 22, 2014

MSNBC is overall, a great station. However, their apologies for anything that offends the right are ridiculous. Fox News's Bill O'Reilly and  other hosts promote a racist agenda. And they send no apologize for disrespecting, minorities, women, and anyone, not like them; there's a problem when so-called Conservatives have the right to freedom of the press, but the left does not have the same right.

On MSNBC,  there is a Conservative morning show host. He reportedly has close ties with Phil Griffin, who runs the news channel. And, if he is butt hurt by something a host says, he runs to Griffin. Soon thereafter, an apology is issued. One with tears and if not enough, several days of apologizing until the right are satisfied with demonizing the News's station, for their supposed inarticulate comments. But if the right is still upset even after the apologies, for less than minor infractions, the host is fired.  This trend makes not only MSNBC look weak; it also makes Democrats look weak. Because the perception of the right is that Democrats and progressives watch their, MSNBC'S, programs; MSNBC considered a left leaning news source; however, that is a facade; because this notion is falser than it is true.
I grew up in a Conservative environment. My grandparents are as Conservatives as they come, but as I got older I realized how the right despise minorities, women, and veterans. They seek to deny basic rights to the weakest among us, and these fundamental principles revolt against my personal convictions; which is to show compassion, loving kindness, feeding the poor, and adequate health care those in need; not to mention, basic civil rights to American citizens. Today's Conservatives consist of war criminals, hypocrites and racialists. Now, this is not all Conservatives, but it was enough for me to leave. Being half African American, I must say that this bothered me a great deal. First and foremost I am a Christian and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. And, because of the previously mentioned spiritual conflicts of interest, I cannot be a Conservative Republican.
So, I began watching independent media, and what I found indeed shocked me. Flabbergasped at how the scales of comparison project an artificial opposition of facts. Now, I compare Conservative, Independent, and left leaning news sources. Sometimes one need piece together truth. And, the truth many not come from only one station.

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