Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tea Bagger Charged With Sexual Assault

This would be funny if it weren't so serious; funny in that the hypocrisy of the Republican Party is shining as if a bright star yet, again.

 "Ex-Wisconsin Assembly Leader Bill Kramer is facing charges on sexual assault after a drunken attack on a political aid three years ago,and another attack on an aid earlier this year. The charges were filed Friday against Kramer, who was charged with two counts second-degree felony sexual assault and faces $20,000 dollars in fines and 80 years in prison if convicted.

The incident in question took place at political mixer, when the former assembly leader, described as drunk and, “more obnoxious than usual,” forced a political aid into the side of a car and violently groped her, attempting to force the woman to kiss him. The aid was found crying later by another friend; she said she didn’t file charges then because she was scared of embarrassing herself, her family, and the Republic Party."

In the  February, after additional staffers grumbled about Kramer's behavior at a fundraiser, she reluctantly changed her mind and decided to speak about the incident.
As a result of the accusations against, Kramer, he  was stripped of his position. James Gatzke, Kramer’s lawyer, recommended the public reserve judgement, and let the judicial process run its course.
Either way this is a sad story, and there are no victors. The self-righteous Republican Party should look into humility, just a suggestion.


Josh Kilburn. (29 March 2014). Wisconsin GOP'er Bill Kramer Busted For Sexual Assualt. Americans Against The Tea Party.

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