Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Koch Brothers Don't Give A Damn About Your Health.

For the past few years a couple billionaire, Koch, brothers have sought to spread misinformation about the president's health care law, ObamaCare, I wondered why the push was so hard. The Aforementioned two brothers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars seeking to destroy a law that is already helping millions of Americans. So, what about the health care law is worth spending so much money to destroy?

As it turns out, their push against the law, doesn't have anything to do with health care. After all, if get sick will the Koch brothers pay your medical bills? Of course, they won't!
The fight is to push for big business deregulation. You see with all of the misinformation spread about Obamacare, these companies associated with the Koch brothers hope people will oppose  any government program such as, environmental control. That is what their aim is, to dismantle governmental programs; especially any program that would regulate their businesses. But, what these brothers and associate groups are doing is hurting people who need health insurance.

Lately, the organizations associated with the Koch brothers has plastered commercials with, paid, actors alleging Obamacare ruined their life. The only problem is, the stories are not true. The Republican party goes along with the stories,  believes them and tells people Obamacare is tyranny, socialism, you get the picture. All the while the Koch brothers, well they are laughing their way to the bank, shaking their heads, thinking you foolish people.


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