Monday, April 7, 2014

As new details emerge from the Fort Hood shooting, we begin to get a picture of the situational circumstances that encompassed the events leading up to the shooting. Now, if a person has served in the Military, it is understood that some people do not treat you as a person. Rather they use their ranks as a front for their insecurity and seeming hostility aimed at their own soldiers. Thus, creating a work environment of resentment and apprehension. Then you throw into the mix this otherwise in control soldier being harassed and mocked; Spc. Ivan Lopez simply snapped. Lopez took as much as he felt he could.

According to an article published by CNN U.S., Ivan asked for a leave of absence for his mother's funeral but was apparently given a brief period; within the neighborhood of 24 hours. He was upset about that. Additionally, Specialist Ivan Lopez requested to be transferred to another unit because of what amounts to harassment, a request that was allegedly denied.
"Fort Hood shooter Spc. Ivan Lopez had asked to transfer and had apparently felt some people in his unit had not treated him appropriately, officials said Monday.
In an effort to determine what led Lopez to shoot fellow soldiers before turning the gun on himself, the Army is not only looking into his mental health history but also investigating his interactions with fellow soldiers in his unit at Fort Hood, according to a U.S. military official directly familiar with the investigation.

Lopez joined the 154 Transportation Company at Fort Hood after arriving at the post in February. But he apparently felt some in the unit had not treated him appropriately, the official said.
Lopez had recently asked to transfer to another unit, claiming he was being taunted and picked on by soldiers in his unit, a senior U.S. official familiar with the investigation told CNN."

Spc. Lopez was losing control and sinking into a deep realm of depression and anxiety. These issues were closing in on Ivan and he snapped. Of course, what he did would never be right, however, we need to listen to soldiers when they say they have problems.
In the military asking for help over potential medical, mental heath treatment is taboo, and essentially projected as being weak. And, even though commanders tell soldiers not to put this stigma on soldiers seeking help, nothing changes.


Barbara Starr. (7 April 2014). Offficial: Fort Hood gunman asked for transfer to another unit. CNN U.S.http://www.cnn.com/2014/04/07/us/fort-hood-shooter/index.html

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