Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Heartbreaking Medicaid Story. Be Weary of Self-Righteous Republicans.

Republican wreckage shows up in full force as the denial of Medicaid thrust victims of the short changed program into view.The Grand Old Party's refusal to expand Medicaid will result in the death of thousands, per year.

Case and point, Charlene Dill, a ,32, year old mother collapsed  and died on a stranger's floor last month. The vacuum saleswomen and mother of three small children, died on one of her three jobs. You see, Ms. Dill had a  heart condition, but was unable to afford the medication to keep the thing in check. Destitute and overwhelmed with motherhood and the responsibilities of working three jobs should have gotten her some slack cut.

However, Medicaid expansion, which Rick Scott rejected, would have saved her life. Charlene was not a bum, she was not lazy, she was doing her best with what she had, and Rick Scott should have damn helped her. Instead of playing politics politicians need to do their job.

Medicaid, a program Rick Scott used to support has since reversed his stance to align with the current Republican Party's Worldview; we help no one.

Although Charlene worked through jobs, her income was roughly $9,000.00, per year. She applied for Obamacare in the marketplace, but her income was too high for a certain program. Obamacare includes funding for
Medicaid expansion that would have given her a fighting chance. Now three children lost a mother, and thousands more will lose their lives because of Rick Scott's decision.

"Kathleen Voss Woolrich, Dill’s best friend, tried to help raise money in order for Dill to pay for the care she needed. Woolrich used crowdfunding sites to try to raise the money; instead she raised money for her friend’s funeral. Woolrich rightfully blamed Florida politicians for Dill’s death."

“You see the main argument Republicans use is that it’s some lazy person who needs Medicaid expansion. That those of us living without healthcare or dental care are lazy. But my friend, a single beautiful mother, worked three jobs,” Woolrich wrote in a moving blog post after Dill’s death. “I am burying my best friend because of the policies of the Republican Party. I am burying my best friend because had Medicaid expanded, her needs would have been met.”

Ericka King. (9 April 2014). This 32 Year Old FL Woman Died Because Republicans Refused Medicaid Expansion. Americans Against The Tea Party.http://aattp.org/this-32-year-old-fl-woman-died-because-republicans-refused-medicaid-expansion/

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