Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cecilia Alvarez Charged For Having Inappropriate Relationship with Student.

"Cecilia Alvarez, a guidance counselor and coach at Port St. Lucie High School, was arrested after investigators looked into her relationship with a teen student."

 The counselor was arrested. The victime did not feel comfortable talking with reporters about the alleged sexsual activity. The aforementioned is the third uncovered incident of inappropriate relationships, in the Port St. Lucie School District, between educator and student in this month alone. You see, once in an environment with high school children, teachers, some, become a student. That is to say, they begin to relive their high school days, or for some, actually live them. Such a thing is wrong, seducing a student and having sex and acting based off immaturity is wrong and sometimes a crime. In this instance, it is a crime that will, most likely, ruin this women's chance of working with children; and, for the most part that's a good thing. You see, some schools believe because one is educated they will make a good teacher, but that alone does not mean the maturity and emotional level is equal to their education level. The student spent several nights at, Cecilia Alvarez, the coach/counselor's apartment. The teacher and the victim both conceded they knew it was wrong, however, they could not help themselves. Reportedly, the two claim to be in love.

 "After the interview with detectives on the school grounds, Alvarez was transported to the Sheriff's Office and placed under arrest. "Our investigation revealed that the teacher, Cecilia Alvarez, had been sexually involved with a 17-year-old female victim for about a month," Sheriff Mascara said. "Our School Resource Deputy at Port St. Lucie High School became aware of the relationship, as did the victim's mother, and we began our investigation Friday.(1)"  As to why the charges wouldn't be lewd and lascivious instead, the Sheriff's office says the facts of the case and the age of the victim indicated that the custodial interference charge was the most appropriate criminal charge under Florida law(1)."

At this time, the teacher is out of jail; she has 48 hours to contact the school districts. According to human resources, Alverez will most likely be placed on restrictive duty assignment. The State Attorney will make the final call on the charges. Source. 1).Terra Sullivan. (21 April 2014). Cecilia Alvarez: Port St. Lucie High School coach/counselor arrested for involvement with a minor. WPTV Palm Beach. http://www.wptv.com/news/region-st-lucie-county/port-st-lucie/cecilia-alvarez-port-st-lucie-high-school-teacher-arrested-for-involvement-with-a-minor

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