Friday, April 18, 2014

Cliven Bundy is NO HERO

 Let me ask you a question, If you do not pay your car payment and claim to not recognize the dealership, do you really think a repossession would be out of the question? If the tow truck rolls up to take the car, do you think calling friends with firearms to intimidate the folks doing their jobs would not get you arrested? Come on people, this is nothing more than fake patriots who cannot wait to use their guns. Last weekend, a group of right wing so-called "Patriots" came to the defense of a 'dirt bag' farmer.

Look, Cliven Bundy is not a patriot he is not a Constitutionally literate dude. He is a man who decided he was not going to pay his 'grazing fees.' His cattle graze on public land.  Ever year, an estimated 16,000 farmers pay their 'grazing fees.' The fight has run on for nearly 20 years; using public land requires a fee, however, he has not paid the grazing fee. Most farmers who do not own the land their cattle graze on, pay the grazing fee, or they pay rent for the land their cattle are on. However, right-wing terrorists run to the defense of this man; showing up with weaponry galore. Some in sniper positions, others berating the U.S. Bureau of Land Management who came to confiscate the cattle due to the fact that he blew off the judiciary orders. The cattle were to be taken until he paid his fees. Intimidated with shotguns, machine guns, pistols and the threats to the federal agents, they decided for the better and left well enough alone. Of course, they will be back at some point. I fear the worst, because many on the right put Bundy on a petiole of sorts as a true freedom fighter. He is anything but a freedom fighter. He is a crook, and he should not be celebrated. He claims to not recognize the government that has provided him with the freedoms he  has enjoyed throughout his life. A patriot recognizes the Constitution and respects it, even though they may not agree with parts.

As a matter of fact, people can try to change the law or regulation one does not agree. However, that is not what happened in this case. A false perception or implication Bundy was taken advantage of turns out to be false. As a matter of fact, a newscast host fact checks Bundy's supporters claim. Bundy claims the government wanted to use the land his battle graze on for commercial 'solar project,' however, this turns out to be false.

"Uygur even starts out as somewhat sympathetic to Bundy, but then shoots his
claims full of holes.
There was no Chinese solar deal back in 1993, when Bundy began refusing to
pay the required fees for grazing cattle on federal land.
Nor was there a solar deal in the works in 1998, when Bundy was ordered to stop grazing his cattle entirely.
The land being disputed is “nowhere near the public land Bundy has been
disputing with the government.”
In July 2013, Bundy was ordered by a federal court to remove his cattle from
public land, or else the U.S. government would confiscate them and sell them
to pay the over $1.2 million in fees and trespassing fines Bundy owes.
Bundy had received ample warning, yet the feds didn’t begin taking away the
cattle until April 2014. By then, the Chinese Company (ENN) had already
backed out of the Mojave Energy deal.
Uygur then demands, “What are Bundy’s claims on the land?” It belongs to the
U.S. government and American tax payers. 16,000 other farmers recognize
the authority of the federal government and have been paying their fees.
The right of the federal government to charge fees for use of its lands has
been upheld by legal precedent, as well as by the courts.(3)."

"We on the left should not allow conservatives get to away with appropriating patriotism; bastardising it and claiming it as their exclusive domain. We should not accept their loaded rendering of the term. Because real patriotism should be grounded in the recognition that from the highest heights of power
down to the homeless vet sleeping on the streets we are all Americans.(1)." ~ Crystal Ball.

Right Wing Terrorists, you've been bamboozled, Bundy is nothing more than a modern day  career crook. It is amazing how the right will lift a person up by the end of a shotgun barrel.

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