Saturday, April 5, 2014

Decorated War Hero Chock Slams A 'Patriot' Conservative's Pro-Arming Soldiers Stance.

Decorated War Hero Chock Slams A 'Patriot' Conservative's Pro-Arming Soldiers Stance. After a mass shooting,
most of the time, Conservatives run to the typical right wing theory that more guns make us safer.
As if arming soldiers on a base wouldn't bring "terrorist" on installations unchecked, is a good thing. Not to mention, soldiers have a hair trigger impulse reaction to using their weapon, especially, in combat. So if there is a perceived threat soldiers may over react to something that is not realistically a threat. That is not to say soldiers shouldn't protect themselves because they should.
Fort Hood is the largest military base in the United States.
Any base cannot be secure all of the time.
At the same time,

Shootings like this are rare. However, there does need to be Military Police on constant patrol.
It took the Military Police officer roughly four minutes to arrive on the scene. Quicker reaction to time to a situation like this may be an appropriate data point to examine.

Retired Col. Jack Jacobs, a Medal of Honor recipient, appeared on MSNBC’s “Jansing & Co.” and addressed what he called the “multifarious” problem of security on military bases. He argued that it was a “physical impossibility” to secure bases 100 percent, and that “therefore, prudent commanders have to be prudent in how much risk they are going to take.”

Advocating for more guns on military bases was John Lott, President of Crime Prevention Research Center.  Several times he attempted to talk over Col. Jacobs, attempting to make it sound as if military bases are nothing more than a shooting range for deranged killers.
Col. Jacobs was having none of it.  Each time Mr. Lott attempted to interrupt Jacobs, he responded by telling him to, “Be quiet!”  He also told Lott that he was being “rude.”

Weaponry has its place and most citizens do not have a problem with them.
But commonsense gun control and sensible security promote a safer environment.
Arming soldiers with personal firearms is a counterproductive approach to ensuring the safety of soldiers.

Salvatore Aversa. (4 April 2014). Watch This Decorated War Veteran WRECK Gun Nut Who Wants More Firearms on Military Bases! Americans Against The Tea Party.http://aattp.org/watch-this-decorated-war-veteran-wreck-gun-nut-who-wants-more-firearms-on-military-bases-video/

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