Friday, April 11, 2014

Don't Be The Christian Taliban.

Almost every state has something official, an official religious book should not be one of them. In all honesty, state sponsored religion is a bad idea. Look, I am a Christian and love God. And, I want to love God in peace without oppression. Because I want this, I also have to concede an official religious book would be an official implementation, of state sponsored religion. The problem is whose to say the Koran or book of Moron cannot be used?

We have freedom of religion, not freedom under a particular religion.
As Christians, we comprehend the Bible is the Word of God. We need to live like it and not shove it down someone else's throat. Rather we need to show Jesus to them and represent Him to the World. Touting God's Word and acting as the devil is counterproductive and stupid.

Even though a state sponsored religion is against the Constitution, Louisiana is looking to walk a thin line and list the Bible as their 'state book.' I love the Bible, and it is something I read daily, but we needed to make sure that we are not just playing to oppress rather than trying to liberate with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Case and point, "The Louisiana House will be voting on a proposal that passed a committee 8-5 this week on an official state book. With so many choices of books set in Louisiana to chose from, you would think that the State Book would be a great piece of literature that embraces the state of Louisiana and its history, like The Awakening or A Gather of Old Men, or a modern work with lasting impact, like Interview with a Vampire (or even one that fits the Louisiana Tea Party perfectly; A Confederacy of Dunces)."

“We’re going to open ourselves up to a lawsuit,” says Representative Wesley Bishop. As a preacher’s son, he loved the idea. As a lawyer, he found a number of reasons to vote against it. And he wasn’t the only one. Rep. Barbara Norton (D-Shreveport) said that she didn’t feel qualified to vote on anything Bible-related. Rep. Ebony Woodruff (D-Harvey) brought up that adopting the Bible could be offensive, and asked if they were willing to offend someone by adopting it."

Louisiana will decide what book they will approve, and if they recognize the Bible, I pray they will read it, growing in the love of God through His grace, and peace.

Josh Kilburn. (11 April 2014). Constitution Loving Christian Taliban Want the Bible to be Louisiana's Official State Book. Americans Against The Tea Party. http://aattp.org/constitution-loving-christian-taliban-want-the-bible-to-be-louisianas-official-state-book/

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