Saturday, April 5, 2014

Form Pastor Who Tried To Rape The 'Gay Away' Receives Zero Jail Time

Brent Giroue, 31, a former youth counselor and pastor of the Victory Fellowship Church in a town called Council Bluffs Iowa,was convicted of raping four boys he counseled.The father of four admitted to raping at least four boys starting in 2007. In 2011 the kids approached other pastors in the Church, to inform them, about the abuse.
The kids claimed to be gay. So, the counselor believed if he performed homosexual acts on them while praying, they would be delivered from the urges of homosexuality.
Thus, pursue heterosexual relationships.
Either way, it is twisted logic and certainly un-Biblical.

So, instead of praying for purity, he, the pastor molested them.
Now, that is counterproductive in so many ways.
One of which is they were already emotionally unstable, according to the pastor, and molesting the kids does not make things better.
As a matter of fact, often children sexually abused in turn, act out sexually and possibly molest others.

"For his part Mr. Girouex turned himself, but was released on $30,000 bond in early March of 2011 to await trial." The one time pastor, Mr. Girouex, was convicted.

"Although he was sentenced to 17 years in jail, the judge later decided to suspend the initial verdict and instead changed it so that Mr. Girouex will see no jail time, will only be on probation for the maximum of five years, but must attend mandatory treatment for sex offenders. So now, this man who has admitted to raping young men by exploiting his position in the community will essentially get off Scott free as long as he doesn’t violate the parameters of his parole."

There are people who get life sentence for drug offense. This man destroyed so many lives and recieved probation. The United States judicial system is corrupt at best.


Mark Harvey. (13 September, 2013). Pastor Who Raped Boys To ‘Cure’ Their ‘Gay’ Will Face No Jail Time! Americans Against The Tea Party.http://aattp.org/rape-okay-long-pastor/

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