Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Former Mayor Bloomberg Stands Up To The Bully NRA!

Bloomberg's new focus, 'We are every town,' consist of a new comprehensive gun control front. Case and point, hitting home the reality of gun violence, and the commonsense legislation to curb the possibility of the mentally ill possessing firearms. Also, curbing illegal weapons sells, and purchases. The program is seeking to pass 'commonsense' gun control laws by appealing to mothers with ads that hit home the message of statistics concerning the number of suicides and murders with illegal guns, as well as funding politicians to run on supporting such admirable efforts. Nearly 30,000 people die every year, in the U.S. alone, from gun violence, to include, again, suicides, murders and accidental firearm discharges.

Former Mayor Micheal Bloomberg gives the NRA a taste of its own medicine by instilling the fear of doing nothing about gun violence will lead to political push back against politicians, as the formerly was true. That is to say, ads will be run against those opposing reasonable gun control. As to where reasonable candidates will be funded and given support by Bloomberg.In the past, politicians believed voting for gun control was political suicide.

Now, Bloomberg seeks to make it horrific if they choose not to act. The strategy is a brilliant one, especially when considering Bloomberg is a billionaire with money to back his cause. At this time, the NRA has no comment over the new push against the bully gun advocacy group.

For one, they do not have the money Bloomberg has, and undoubtedly, they will not want to waste their money fighting a billionaire. Currently, the NRA has a criminal to support, Cliven Bundy, a dude who claims he does not recognize the federal governments existence. Sure buddy, we will see how long that lasts.

Bloomberg is not a politician and does not have to worry about any political push back from the NRA, or any gun nut funded groups. As a matter of fact it is the opposite, the NRA has to worry about Bloomberg and his money. Therefore, with Bloomberg there is no battle of dollars.

"Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, join TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie exclusively to discuss their new initiative, which seeks to gain support for stricter gun control."


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