Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Homosexual Nazis After Christians?

TruNews Conservative radio host, Rick Wiles, made another fear-mongering claim to rile up his naive base. He claims Hitler and the Nazi soldiers were homosexual. And, not only were they gay but they wanted to create a homosexual breed of sorts. And that is it was a misconception they wanted to create a blonde haired blue eyed race, even though Hitler wanted a blonde hair blue eyed, pure race. Home school is a horrible idea, because people get everything wrong and scare each other to death. So, instead of enjoying the life God has given you, you stress out about self-construed evils. Thus, making others paranoid; we constantly hear misinformation in the Conservative media. Not real true threats, but made up evils. There are plenty evils in this world; so why do Conservatives get half of them wrong?

Today, Rick Wiles claimed, homosexuals want world domination and to destroy Christians, throw them into torture chambers and water-board them. Okay, I made up the last part, nonetheless, it  is all ridiculous. However, he tricked himself into believing this nonsense. Face
palm. Sir, they, Nazis, killed homosexuals, Jews and blacks, among other groups of people. I guarantee you Hitler was not out to start a homosexual race, bred or culture.

Homosexuality is a wicked, ungodly practice and sinners will be judged. And, yes I concur there is a homosexual agenda and we need to guard our hearts against all wickedness through the Lord Jesus Christ and His word. We cannot be deceived, but we can be real. There are evils in this world that expand beyond homosexuality, and that is the murder of Christians across the globe! They are the victims! Moreover, the destruction of the faithful, loving Christian' is diminishing amongst the hypocritical aspirations of self-righteousness. The only way out of the flames of hell is through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

 David Ferguson. (8 April 2014).Christian radio host: Nazi ‘race of super gay male soldiers’ is coming to ‘hunt you down.’ Right Wing Watch. The Raw Story.

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