Monday, April 14, 2014

Obama Admin., Causing Cross Dressers to Starve Christians to Death.

The Obama Administration is seeking to morally bankrupt then starve Christians to death. At least according to, "Gordon Klingenschmitt, the GOP politician and gay exorcist who believes that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act is a demonic plot to make Christians “starve to death” and “participate in sodomy,” yesterday pointed to new OPM guidelines on transgender personnel as proof that “Obama has now gone to full perversion as a matter of policy.”

My question is who thinks of participating in sodomy; unless, they  are gay?  Gordon Klingenschmitt went on to say women and little girls will be "violated" by this demonic legislation which, according to him, allows homosexual cross dressers to wander into girl's restrooms. Thus, forcing women to be around self-deceived, mentally ill transgender folks. Additionally, Christians, will go broke defending themselves in court because of discrimination lawsuits.
Gordon Klingenschmitt also claimed the Obama Administration is planting a seed that sexual orientation begins outside of the womb rather than inside of the mother. In other words, people choose to have a mental disorder and choose to be homosexual and choose to deceive themselves.

I would venture to say they  are simply deceived and live in a sinful world. However, there are gender roles, people claim one lives in the 60's if mentioned. As the previously stated is true, there are people who suffer from what is called Gender Identity Disorder. How much of this disorder is clinical? And, how much is a sense of confusion is rather ambiguous. At the same time, the everlasting remedy is Jesus Christ. No, not that, through psychotherapy, people cannot become better without Him. But within, spiritually we, as people, can only become better through Jesus and His word.

Brian Tashman. (14 April 2014).Gordon Klingenschmitt warns of Obama's plot to impose "perversion" & "starve Christians to death. Right Wing Watch. http://bit.ly/1m32TwY

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