Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Teacher Receive Slap On The Hand For Sex with Student.

Kelly Burgess, 26, of Newport, England has been given a seven month suspended sentence; following a conviction for her sexual involvement with a 16 year old student. Also, she must register as a sex offender for the next 10 years. Additionally, she must stay clear of underage, sexual, relationships.

"The relationship, albeit conducted as if between equals, was not a relationship between equals," Judge Euan Ambrose said in Bristol Crown Court this week. "You were older, you were his teacher and you should at all times have known better."The 'relationship' lasted seven months, from January to August of 2013,

The teacher and the student exchanged nearly 1,200 text messages, including two naked images sent by the "victim."

Ms, Burgess was fired from her job after the relationship came to light.

The illegal relationship was revealed after the 'victim' visited a sexual health clinic.

Let's consider this a Mr. Burgess. How much time of a suspended sentence would he get? Now, this is a ludicrous thought to ponder. Because he would receive in the neighborhood of ten years in prison. There is a double standard here

HP. (8 April 2014). Former Teacher Kelly Burgess Avoids Prison After Admitting To Sex With Student. Huffington Post.

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