Friday, May 30, 2014

Becca Screamed, But No One Listened. 2.

I’m guessing you assumed Becca died; however, you’re just like her mother, giving up all hope. Becca’s mother, Mary, sobered up and thought to see what Becca wanted to discuss. Becca insisted they speak a half hour ago; however, Becca’s mother was drunk as hell, as usual. After a cup of coffee, Mary gently knocked on Becca’s bedroom door, calling out to her, “Becca, are you in here?” Mary walked in with her hands over her eyes, and gave warning, “Becca, mother has entered your domain.” Mary turned the corner, and there was her little girl, hanging. Upon hearing nothing but the stillness of an early Saturday morning, she uncovered her eyes. Immediately, all of the words she forgot to say flooded her mind, and for once, she didn’t care who was right or wrong. Mary, shaking, clasped her hands over her mouth and screamed, as loud as she could, Becca! No! Becca, honey, wake up. No, Becca!” The neighbors called the police. Mary looked at Becca’s lifeless body, and all of the things she meant to say but didn’t. Becca was brought to the hospital, and she was resuscitated; her mother thought she was dead. Upon hearing the news, Mary dropped to her knees. Most likely overcome with the emotion as the little girl she had emotionally abandoned now clings to life on a lonely hospital bed. Mary suffered years of sexual abuse as a child. Becca would never have guessed, Mary’s deeper secret though, a secret of which Becca hadn’t the foggiest of ideas. However, Mary set aside her pride and went to the hospital with Ben, Becca’s dad. Who had tears in his eyes which drenched the tie he loosened around his neck, on a long drive to the hospital. While driving down Interstate 5, the radio that usually played country music was off, albeit; the awkward silence screamed; it is your fault. In other words, neither parent believed they could not possibly be the one to blame. And, by all accounts, accepting the responsibility would be more than anything they ever thought, they could accept as true. Had it been three years back, back before Ben found God, he would have slapped the hell out of Mary for letting this happen. Neither wanted to take the blame because the pain would be well, it would be rather painful to say the least. Mary: “Just say it! It is my fault isn’t it? Isn’t that what you want to say? You’re never home, and your daughter needs a father not a fancy school!” Ben: “Yea, blame me, that’s what you’re good at.” Mary: “Well, this time, you’re goddamn right, it’s your fault. Damn you.” Blaming Ben gave her another reason to get lost in a bottle of black velvet. Mary changes her mind and says, “I am sorry, Ben. I didn’t mean it.” Ben:” Hannah, honestly whatever.” Ben:” Mary, it is time we tell Becca the truth.” Mary:” My thing is, is she ready to know?” Ben: “We’ll work through this together.” Mary: “Okay.” As the couple walk into the hospital, holding hands, they checked in at the front counter and walked anxiously into her hospital bedroom. Becca’s eyes were closed, and she was somewhat sedated. The doctor informed Becca’s parents, “Your daughter needs counseling, she was raped.” The nurse caught Mary, as she was visibly faint. Ben:” Are you implying someone, raped her?” Doctor:” I am afraid so. Yes, however, she doesn’t want to talk about it, only to say yes, I was raped. We found evidence; she sustained some vaginal tearing and badly bruised thighs.” Almost immediately, tears streamed from Ben’s eyes, and they trickled down his cheeks. He never asked for a tissue. Instead, he went to Becca as she lay sleeping. And. For the first time in a long time, Ben wrapped his arms around Becca. He whispered, “From here on out things will be different, I promise.” Becca opened her eyes and grabbed her father’s hand. “Do you mean it dad? Will you ever stick around and spend time with me? I don’t need to go to Davis Institute. I preferred Franklin, my old high school.” “Becca, if you want to go back you can.” Ben said. Remember how I told you about the “deeper secret,” Mary held onto? Mary and Ben decided now was the time to tell her. First of all, it will explain Mary’s alcoholism. Mary and Ben side on either side of Becca and they held her hands. Mary, “Becca, there’s something I need to tell you. You know we love you right? Nothing we say here has anything to do with the love we have for you. Grandpa, Jacobs, he used to drink a lot. He would come into my room at night and as a child he had, well, he molested me. ” Mary began to cry, and with tears streaming down her cheeks, she told Becca the truth. Becca, grandpa Jacobs is your father.” I guess one would think Becca would be upset, but since Becca was raped a few weeks back, she knew, her mother being raped wasn’t Mary’s fault. So, Becca hugged her mother. Mary said, but Ben is your dad, and he’s loved you as his own child. Do you know that?” To which Becca replied, “I know.” She looked at Ben and said, “I love you daddy.” He told her he loved her as well. “They say, things happen for a reason, however, to me honest, I don’t know how true that is, I do know that, I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Becca said.

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