Sunday, May 25, 2014

CA Shooter Trigger by Suppressed Homosexuality?

Why not blame the CA shooting on homosexuality? Fox News couldn't help themselves. If possible, I will not mention the shooter's name, he deserves no fame. Every time gun violence occurs, the right uses bizarre excuses, any excuse except the obvious to explain away the gun. However, the gun did the killing. Before his shooting rampage, the shooter stabbed his roommates, 3, to death.
The right will do anything to tie Benghazi, Obamacare and homosexuality with the most applicable story. This time, the comparison was to homosexuality. You see, due to the fact that,  the shooter was a virgin who claimed to have trouble with women. He felt ignored, he felt disenfranchised, and he clearly felt alone.

Reality television psychoanalyst, Dr. Robi Ludwig, stated to Fox News that a mass shooting in California over the weekend may be a result of a conflicted young man. An event  triggered as a  consequence of the alleged perpetrator's failure to come to terms with his  "homosexual desires."
Dr. Robi claims the boy was upset that good looking women were taking away the men he was attracted to. According to her, this caused him to hate women.

Of course, this notion is reckless and laced with bigotry.  Furhtermore claims the shooter was fighting off his homosexuality, in addition to being flabbergasted as to why he wasn't good enough for women are factually incorrect.
I do not think homosexuality played a role in this shooting. I believe he was a  deeply troubled individual. He thought the world was against him. The shooter wanted society to  "pay" for rejecting him.  He was, especially, troubled by his lack of luck with women and complained about being a virgin.

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