Monday, May 26, 2014

Dirt Bag Judge Strikes A Mentally ILL Man Saying, "RUN NIGGER, RUN!"

Sometimes you have to ask, what the hell? Two vendors witnessed a Mississippi judge strike a mentally disabled black man and yelling, “Run, n-gger, run.” Again, this is more than an accusation. On the account that two vendors witnessed the attack at the farmer's flea market, asking if he could help folks pick up. The judge berated the mentally challenged man, slapped him twice on the back of the head and yell run boy run.

Of course, this enrages the hell out of me. Because no one deserves this type of treatment, no one, especially  mentally ill teens. The judge intimidated the black man touching his gun after assaulting the kid. Animosity hatred has no place in a civilized society. Get right or get the hell out of office. The attack, unprovoked, proves racism remains a factor on our society.

"“I do not care if this young man was being a nuisance,” said Hendrix, who is white. “I do not care if he were breaking a law, I do not care if he were loitering, but I do care that a man of authority, one that is sworn to protect and serve, was slapping a young man.”

Hendrix said Weiseberger then told a female vendor he would make her park away from her booth, and when the woman suggested he “change his tone,” the judge said he would only talk to her husband because he didn’t take orders from women.
Both women said they initially thought Weiseberger was a law enforcement officer because he was wearing a security officer’s uniform – but they later learned he was a judge."


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