Thursday, May 29, 2014

Does This Agnostic Destroy This Christian?

The Gospels can be seen written as if four people are writing accounts of a car crash, each telling their side according to their sources, but when you put them together, you can make sense of them. While some appear to contradict each other they're not written the same way. While it is true the Gospels were not written by direct eye witnesses the names the Gospels gives us an idea about why they were written the way they were written. For example, Luke was a doctor, and the Gospel which was named after him, is written in a detailed manner. As the Gospel according to John is written to emphasis God's love and the gift of salvation through faith. John was considered the Apostle Jesus loved or was very fond of, so it would make sense that the Gospel of John would be complied in the way that it is.. Finally, the Gospels are not so much historical documents as they are truth documents. That is to say, they reveal who Jesus is, his personal character the miracles performed etc., but they can be seen as giving truth statements rather that historic ones.

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