Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Far-Right Desperation, They're Using The Bible and Movies to Overthrow the Government.

Some people need to be in a straight jacket. Point being, they are a danger to a free society. This time, it is Larry Klayman who needs to be in jail, or a rubber room. He and his treasonous nonsense are bound to get someone hurt and or killed because he instills panic and fear into his naive slow-minded-followers. Klayman is the man who told the Christian President, Obama, to put down the Quarn and leave the White House with his hands up.  Recently, Klayman used the Bible and science-fiction movies to emboldened his irrelevant points. He used David and Goliath, and Star Wars, he even threw in the Jews and the Holucost, for good measure. 

He claims the people are David and the president is Goliath. He claimed he would overthrow Obama with the help of his damned demon spirit. Now before you get pissed, he does not serve the true Lord Jesus Christ, thus may his false god be damned. Whatever wicked spirit is causing him to be filled with hate, may that be damned. For the simple fact that people listen to Larry and his message causes otherwise reasonable people, to act out of fear. He thinks Obama is horrible, yet Klayman pins Bundy a patriot. Bundy does not even recognize the Federal Government as even existing. Therefore, it goes without saying, he cannot be a patriot in any sense of the word. So what is really Klaymans issues with Obama? He did not cite one Bible verse to support any of his claims. He used the Bible, the Jews and Star Wars as a means to overthrow Obama. That  is what this country has become, a breeding ground for unstable individuals to take their fake grievances to the airwaves and into the minds of his simple-minded listeners.
Klayman: “what has now sadly become the Second American Revolution” is tiresome Larry Klayman who claimed his crusade to overthrow President Obama was “In the name of liberty and freedom.” However, Klayman did not stop at his regular “liberty and freedom” spiel and said, “We the People, sound our own battle cry by pledging our allegiance to ourselves and our loved ones with the memory of over 6 million Jews who were tortured, raped, gassed and burned alive in Adolf Hitler’s concentration camps. Never again will government power and evil officials get free reign to use the power of the state to destroy liberty and freedom and annihilate the people. As during biblical and American revolutionary times, David is destined to prevail over Goliath, with the help of our Lord and Savior.”
Sorry buddy, the Lord is not going to help you commit treason. And. If you are such a "patriot," the last thing you would be thinking of is overthrowing the United Stated government.
Source. Rmuse. (13 May 2014). Right Wing Extremist Uses the Bible and Star Wars To Justify a Military Coup Against Obama. Politicususa. http://www.politicususa.com/2014/05/13/wing-extremist-bible-star-wars-justify-military-coup-obama.html

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