Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gina Miller Hates Anti-Discrimination.

As usually the far-right is waging a war against anti-discrimination policies. Case and point, "A few months ago, Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed a bill designed to protect businesses that discriminate against gay customers in the name of religious liberty. In response, activists started a "We Don't Discriminate" campaign, encouraging businesses to post stickers declaring that all customers are welcome in their stores in an effort to take "a public stance against discrimination and for equal rights."
At no fault of the well intended gesture, Gina Miller, the content editor for Barbwire complained, her religious freedom was under attack. She said: "Alphabet Soup Perversity Brigade" is actually attacking Christian."

Because treating people, equal goes against Christian ideology? Of course, not! I am a Christian and agree with the Bible, however, for hundreds of years people have been misinterpreting the Bible for personal gain and bigotry. And while one may be against homosexuality, to claim anti-bully laws take away religious freedom is in itself projecting a bully attitude. If we want freedom of religion, we have to respect the rights of others, not because we agree but because we cherish the rights and freedoms we have.

"As they do in every aspect of their anti-Christian, freedom-robbing agenda, they lie about the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, insisting it will open the door to a flood of anti-homosexual “discrimination,” with Christian businesses owners refusing to do business with people simply because they’re sodomites. That’s not happening, but these people don’t let truth or reason even come close to getting in their way, because if there were even one case of “Christian” business owner telling a homosexual, “We don’t serve your limp-wristed kind in here,” it would be blaring headline news from coast to coast, world without end.

The truth of the matter is the exact opposite of how the Left portrays it. Christians are not refusing to serve homosexuals, but homosexuals are targeting Christian-owned businesses with demands that would force the owners to participate in the desecration of marriage, in direct violation of their conscience. When Christians politely refuse them, instead of going down the street to a willing business, they sue the Christians. These activists know exactly what they’re doing, and their goal is not to get a stupid “wedding” cake made for two men. No. Their goal is to use the courts to strip the rights and freedoms of Christians and any others who are opposed to the militant homosexual movement’s agenda, which includes the destruction of marriage.

The AFA published a list of Mississippi businesses that have signed on to place one of the anti-Christian, pro-homosexual stickers on their windows. Here’s the “If You’re Buying” site where you can also see the sticker and the business list as it’s updated. These are businesses you might want to avoid here in Mississippi, unless you’re in the mood to go inside and find out if they really understand what that anti-Christian sticker means.
 Kyle Mantyla. (27 May 2014). Miller: Mississippi's Non-Discrimination Sticker Campaign Is Anti-Christian. Right Wing Watch.

 See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/miller-mississippis-non-discrimination-sticker-campaign-anti-christian#sthash.lHSKCtYO.dpuf

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