Monday, May 19, 2014

Holder Should Have Mentioned "Baby Daddy's" ?

Eric Holder spoke in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education. Fox News host, Anna Kooimanm, upset Holder failed to speak about black men striving to be more than  "baby daddys," because a woman bears no fault. Holder spoke on the obvious and factual state of 
the public education system. And how often, in urban, poor predominantly black communities, the education is all too often sub-standard in comparison to  suburban or upper class school districts. Look, African Americans are not looking for special treatment, rather equal treatment. Point being, we still have a long way to go; especially, when considering the flaws in public education.

Mrs. Kooimanm fails to understand the black community and the flaws within the systematic racism that still exist, although subtly, it still exists, from job growth, promotions to obtaining employment in the first place. That is not a "grievance" but the truth. 
Afterall a woman has a right to her body until she is pregnant, and then in the mind of some, she is the government's property until the child is born. Moreover, don't ask for any help, because you  are on your own.

On the other hand, Fox News Fox put  Condoleezza Rice on a pedestal, claiming she points out the strides made in race relations within the country. Although partially true, the bigger picture consists of subtle racism, however. Today they do not wear sheets, today, they were shirts and suits. What Fox News did not mention is the reason students did not want Rice there. 
Recently, students and staff protested Condelezza Rices scheduled appearance at a commencement address. Students and staff are appalled at Condelezza Rice war crimes, claiming she went along with the authorization of an illegal war and torture, against International Law. You see, even students realize torture was wrong and inhumane. I tend to agree, torture does not provide credible information other then the fact the detainee will tell his captors what they want to hear, even if the information is false. The U.S. rarely received useful information through torture. 

"ANNA KOOIMAN: So Condoleezza Rice speaking in a very uplifting fashion there. If Eric Holder didn't want to do that why didn't he have some sort of call to action or something instead.  Rather than hammering down on zero tolerance policies and calling those racist. Why didn't he have a call of action for African-American fathers to actually be fathers and not be baby daddys and -- and --take care of their kids and be good stewards in the community? Why didn't he talk about something like that instead?"(1).

"Honoring Rice is unacceptable because she dishonored herself and her country. She looked in our eyes and lied to us. Repeatedly. So 4,400 American service people and 174,000 Iraqis died in an illegal and unjustified war. She also ignored clear warnings that Al Queda was planning to attack the United States. So 3,000 civilians died. Congratulations to Rutgers students for refusing to forget. Shame on those who think she is just conservative or just a Republican. She's a disgrace."(2).

War Criminals need to refrain from speaking to kids about graduation. 

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