Friday, May 2, 2014

James Dobson Calls Obama 'Abortion President.'

False Prophet Dobson hails Obama as the abortion president. However, this stupid bastard (Matthew 28:19) did not do his homework because, under this president, the abortion rate is at a 40 year low. Because of sex education and yes, Obamacare the decline in abortion has been tied directly to the Obama Administration's policies.

Bush would be a baby killer, but most Conservatives disregard facts. For some reason, according to them, believing anything against the black guy is "golden." Dobson has made a killing under the guise of "family values;" an advocate of sorts. He is not an exemplary example by lying the public. If someone claims to be for family values, check them, double and triple check them to make sure that their zeal is not an overzealous pack of lies.

Well, you do not say, Bush is spoken well of by a false prophet? It sounds as though filth clings together. "For example, Dobson views the passage of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 as a pro-life victory by the Bush administration when in actuality the legislation is a fraud.  See:  The Partial Birth Abortion Scam.)  Dobson's support of Bush represents an unholy alliance on the part of Dobson.  And don't think for a second that Dobson has not been made aware of the anti-Christian content in George W.'s book or of the Bush administration's part in the torture and massacre of innocent civilians throughout the world.  (Pro-life, Dobson?  You hypocrite!). (1)."

Not only is Dobson uniformed, he's double-minded. That would be an unstable character. Yes, there is clear evidence, abortion is at a 40 year low. "A new study conducted by the Guttmacher Institute, a private research group that supports abortion rights, has found that in 2011, the rate of abortions dropped to a level last seen in 1973.(4)."

Now, the abortion laws Conservatives have been attributing to the decline have had little contribution to the decline. "Study authors say anti-abortion laws were not a significant factor in the decline of abortions rates. Study co-author Rachel Jones joins Here & Now’s Robin Young to explain the research findings. It is rather bewildering how Conservatives pick and choose their hero's. Most of the time, they're white, misinformed, and have racist tendencies, right wing nuts interested in taking up arms against the federal government.

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