Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Some Christians Give a Care About the Environment.

So, many Christians claim Global Warming doesn't exist or even if it does, it's not for us to worry about, in fact, God gave us the earth to use its resources and whatever may be with the earth will be, and that's that, according to them. I, however, don't view global warming in the same dismissive light, in that, I believe we are to be good stewards of the earth and to re
spect the life and preserve the atmosphere as a thank you of sorts to God.But, many Christians will say that's nonsense; I mean after all, we do have a black president. Yeah, I know that didn't make sense to throw in there, but conservatives are good at changing the subject when it comes to global warming or other issues for which they refuse to talk about like racism etc.Taking care of the planet isn't a slap in the face of God as some suggest, it's appreciation. However, this respect goes against conservative views on raping the earth and polluting, fracking without restrictions; whereby, polluting the drinking water. As long as they can
make a buck who cares about the earth, they say. Here's the funny thing, conservatives refuse to live near a potential fracking sites, they don't want to live where polluted cloud the sky.  But why? Because they know the dangers of polluting the atmosphere and not giving a darn about how it affects other people's lives. A couple years ago, a kids movie, The Lorax, came out highlighting the importance of conservation, preservation of trees. In the movie construction billionaires cut down all the trees, but there was one seed left, so the business owner hunted the kid until finally the kid planted the seed in the public square thereby saving the environment. It was a movie though, not exactly the way things work in real life, but it was good nonetheless. Conservatives literally claimed the movie was motivated by satan. It clearly wasn't, the movie was simply explaining the importance of trees for the oxygen we breathe and forest, etc. It was a fun way of explaining the importance of conservation. But that somehow was of the devil. Interesting, I know. I thought there were no Christian groups that actually agreed Climate Change posed a real threat. Most Christians, predominantly Conservatives claim there's no possible way Climate Change is real. It is a ploy for regulations, spending unnecessary resources on worthless environmental programs. Besides, is it not prideful to think a man can manipulate the environment? As if we somehow control the resources God made. Well, that would be an unfortunate double standard. That is to say Republicans believe they can manipulate people's life, however, when the environment is cared for they go nuts. So, it is possible to change a life and not take care of the world God has given to us? After all, Noah took in plants into the Ark, and no it was not just on the falsified-movie.
(Genesis 6:21).
(Genesis 8:11).
(Genesis 9:3).

"When it comes to using energy, what would Jesus do? We’re guessing he wouldn’t use more than he needed, and he wouldn’t condemn generations to climate hell by burning fossil fuels when cleaner options were available.
Some Evangelical Christian leaders in Florida are making just that point, calling on Republican politicians in the state to take climate change seriously. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) recently went full-on climate denier, and Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) is a denier too.

Rev. Mich Hescox, president of the Evangelical Environmental Network, has started a petition drive calling on Scott to make climate change and “creation care” priorities. Here’s an excerpt:
We are failing to keep our air and water clean for our children, contributing to a changing climate that most hurts the world’s poor, and putting Floridians at risk as temperatures and sea levels continue to rise. To meet these challenges, we need leaders who understand our duty to God’s creation and future generations. That’s why we are calling on Gov. Rick Scott to create a plan to reduce carbon pollution and confront the impacts of a changing climate. And the Tampa Bay Times reports that Hescox and prominent Evangelical pastor Joel Hunter are taking part in a panel discussion tonight titled “Climate Change: Should Christians Care?” From the Times article: Evangelical leaders in Florida have taken on climate change as a cause and are trying to increase pressure on Gov. Rick Scott to take action, while criticizing Sen. Marco Rubio’s stance on the issue. Hunter, who is a spiritual advisor to President Obama, says he’s taken to urging congregants to do their part: Turning off lights that aren’t needed, setting air conditioning at a reasonable temperature, keeping car tires properly inflated. He said he was neither panicked nor preoccupied with the issue. “But this is part of what I think is the moral responsibility of the church to lead in areas that can benefit and protect people.” Indeed, protecting people from the harm mankind causes conveys the best in human nature. Caring for the environment is not an idea that we control the environment, but it  is an attitude that apathy never produces change. To care for and love one another is required by God.


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