Sunday, May 11, 2014

Teacher Busted having Sex with 3 Students.

Another teacher is at the center of  a teacher student sexual misconduct investigation, Ellen Lindsay Niemic, 29, and three students. The teacher and three students two of which are 17 and one,18, exchanged suggestive texts and then the teacher sent nude photos of herself to the boys.

To make matters worse Ellen is married, and a mother to three children. I cannot imagine the embarrassment her husband must feel. If the alleged allegations pan out to be true, Ellen's teaching career may be in ruin. Additionally, she may have lost her marriage. After all, what husband would be willing to stay with a woman who could not resist immature temptation?

“It started with dirty talk, then they were texting. She was texting nude pictures and that kind of stuff. Then just from there, it just went on. Some of it took place at the school. She also was picking one of them up in the morning and had sex with him in the morning and then in the afternoon,” Mike Bosnak, an attorney who is representing all three students, told WCIV-TV.
Niemic, a teacher at Cross High School in Berkeley County, South Carolina, was charged with having sex with the three male students at a house party on April 11. But there were other acts of sex outside the school and on the school campus, Bosnak said."

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