Tuesday, May 27, 2014

White Privilege Still Exists.

The white establishment aided in the destruction of the African American Community.
The systematic racist practices although subtle distorts the state of race relations in America. Often, we hear about a post-racial society. Even though race relations have improved, the disparity of wealth includes educational, the prison industrial complex, racist drug laws and the rate of imprisonment of the African American and the rate of which the death penalty is given to. In college, part of my studies included Ethnic Studies, and for the first time I took an African America ethnic course, this opened my eyes to the fact that we as a society have not mentally moved far from the historical context of racism. The difference is the subtle approach instead of the blatant racism. We must never forget that racism effect a society in a way the divides instead of unites.

Housing taxes to rental property and the systematic slavery to the mortgage lender. The costs thereof forced whites even the not racist ones to move out of homes where blacks resides as the worth of the homes dwindles because African Americans lived nearby. Of course, this increases racial tension and contradicts the idea we live in a post-racial era.
For the most part, the public education system favors caucasian and the history they desire for us to learn. Instead of learning factual history of the cause of racial disparity and the real toll slavery, has taken on race relations.

The intellectual rape of spiritual manipulation of the African American at the hands of the so-called white man remains a threat to the black community. Both here and abroad. That is to say there remains a deliberate threat to those of color. As long as this threat remains this country will never be a post-racial one. That is not to state a defeatist attitude but one of reasonable observation.

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