Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I've Never Appreciated Calvinism

Because Calvinism is completely man constructed theology, I've

never believed in his, Calvin's, teachings.
I attended a very

conservative Church as a kid, but never did hear any "Calvinistic


I can only say that I don't believe in works salvation,

nor could I believe in Calvinism. They have some things partially

right, but, unfortunately, it snowballs into something that's

corrupt and not Biblical. And, I realize people feel strongly on

both sides of the debate over Calvinism, so there's nothing

cynical about me being critical of Calvin's false teachings.


of Calvin's followers will use big words and extra-Biblical

sources to brag about their Gnostic knowledge. Do you see how

Calvinism blurs the lines of truth? People begin to look for

extra-Biblical literature to accommodate their theological

stances in Calvinism.

I heard a Calvinist minister the other day

claim if a woman was raped it was 'sanctioned by God.' Now, to

the Calvinist they may seem plausible. However, to anyone with

a soul that is spiritually destitute insinuation. This argument of

rape being sanctioned by God makes as much sense as saying

atheists cannot have morals without God. But they fail to realize

is God gave man a conscious. Therefore man can know right

from wrong, especially in a social structure which enabled a

shared. Thus, total depravity is crushed with 

Psalms 20:27 The Lord gave us mind and conscience; we cannot hide from ourselves. These are a few, personal but Biblical, thoughts.

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