Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pastors Giving Away Guns.

As part of a special event, an upstate New York church is giving away an AR-15, Grace Baptist Church in Troy -- about two and half hours north of Manhattan -- is giving away the semi-automatic rifle as part of a special event honoring hunters and gun owners later this month. The church website entices gun lovers with the words "Win a Free AR-15" followed by the New Testament line.

 Lately, I have noticed a number of church's allowing the transaction of firearms in their church. Some claim, if it draws people that otherwise wouldn't come to church and gets them in the door to hear the "good news" that somehow the transaction of those firearms will be well worth the compromise.

Compromising the peacefulness of Christ for a political agenda is inappropriate and fundamentally contrary to the message, we as Christians should be teaching.

Now, if people desire to shoot weapons on their time, that's fine. However, the church is not a place for promoting the Second Amendment.

Of course, you know what happens next right? 'In a letter to his congregation, Pastor John Koletas said: "Our country was built with the King James Bible and the gun."' He makes the case the United States Constitution consists of Biblical laws etc., Forget the fact that the reason for the Constitution was to ensure freedom of religion, and not freedom of religion under a particular religion.

We as Christians shouldn't be so quick to defend the Constitution.  Point being, the Bible our guide, and when we try to claim the two are one in the same, we can easily become confused such as this pastor..

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