Monday, June 2, 2014

Republicans Hate Veterans. Bowe Bergdahl.

In case you needed more evidence the Republican Party hates the troops, take a look at the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl story, they despise the fact that Obama freed the P.O.W.. Some calling him, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, a deserter, that he willingly left his post. If, in fact, that is true, he is not a hero. However, he is still an American and deserves due process.
What are Conservatives so riled up about? Well, Obama exchanged five detainees of whom weren't charge or convicted of any crimes, go. The detainees were held for nearly 12 years without charges. They had no access to legal counsel to challenge their detention. We cannot keep people locked up because we hate them. We have to keep them locked up for a crime committed. We cannot keep folks locked up for no reason.
“The fact is he was held in an armed conflict with the Taliban,” Carney said. “We were engaged in an armed conflict with the Taliban, and we have a history in this country of making sure that our prisoners of war are returned to us.”
“He was not a hostage, he was a prisoner,” Carney added.
A second major Republican procedural objection to the deal is that the Obama administration did not give Congress 30 days notice of the release of prisoners from Guantanamo Bay, as called for in the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act. Administration officials point to a signing statement the president made on the NDAA, saying that "The executive branch must have the flexibility, among other things, to act swiftly in conducting negotiations with foreign countries regarding the circumstances of detainee transfers." UN Ambassador Susan Rice said that Congress had been told in the past that a prisoner trade was possible to get Bergdahl back. And, again, they point to the imperative of Bergdahl's declining health."
The Republican Party began attacking Obama because he released five Taliban prisoners in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. However, The Republicans in Congress disregard the way war works. Before taking into account that prisoners must be released at the end of the war. With combat operations ending at the end of this year, these people had legally to be released. So, why not exchange them for our soldier? Instead, the Conservative media is attacking the Obama Administration for what they call negotiating with terrorists. When in fact, this is false, the U.S. did not negotiate in the traditional sense, we got out guys back. Period.
The GOP refusing to accept open dialogue within the context of ending
the war. In doing so, they are refusing to accept the reality of the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and the way wars end.

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