Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sara's Night Faded to Black.

On an early brisk September twilight, the front door slammed shut as Sara walked outside. "Get back here young lady!" Jordan, Sara's step-father shouted. He is exacerbated with pious intentions because Sara wants nothing more than to treat him like Satan. Although he's not quite Satan, she swears she hates him for it. As if she had not heard a thing he said, she continued down the sidewalk. Sara placed her gloves on her lotion covered hands, gliding ever so snugly against her cheap promise ring, and she put on her stocking hat which, with static, brushed against her long jet-black hair. She then reached into her pocket pulled out and lit up a cigarette.
 While she made her way down the right side of the street to Devin's house, she realizes road is paved with blissful intentions. She fights with her parents, especially her step-father, on purpose, to get a response and then get the fuck out of the house and act as though she's simply going for a walk. Sara rarely dares to yell at mother because she will slap the taste out of her mouth. However, if mother only knew where she was really headed, she'd answer, I must say you've never looked so good, in black; thus preparing for her own funeral. In other words, she'd be dead.

On her way to her boyfriend, Devin's house, Sara tossed a rock against his bedroom window. Suddenly, a light turned on. Devin opened his window and said. "Oh, it's you. Head over to the back porch, I'll be there to open the door. Duck if you see the nosy neighbor looking out of her kitchen window." As Sara turned around to reach her only destination, she had in mind, the back patio, she saw Devin's mother and her bright headlights. "Of fuck, I'm dead as fuck." She covered her mouth and ducked as Devin suggested. Sara jumped the back fence and ran down the dusty, gravel road. Upon reaching the next block, she bent over, resting her hands on her knees while catching her breath. Her cheeks were red, and her face was burning up. She burst out in hilarity, considering, that was a close call.

The misfortune of a blissful escape consists of the succumbed embraces from Devin's lips. Although, anticipation drives her wild, until the next school day, she will keep her tongue still. It was as if my night faded to black. Little did Sara know, her night had just begun.
Pt. 1.

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