Monday, June 16, 2014

Todd Bentley Gives False Anointing.

If ever there were a false prophet, Todd Bentley would be the top contender. He is a crusade conference minister of sorts, and people come to his conferences with the utmost of faith, expectation and desperate hope they will find deliverance, through this supposed man of God.

 "Todd Bentley, the controversial founder and "healing evangelist" of Fresh Fire USA, withheld his healing "anointing" from a vocal critic of his ministry at a revival crusade in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after the man called him a "worker of iniquity" before his faith-filled audience.

 The critic, Justin Peters who operates Justin Peters Ministries in Oklahoma and suffers from cerebral palsy, is captured in a YouTube video, challenging Bentley with a quote from Matthew 7:22, calling him a fraudulent preacher after he was invited to testify during the revival service. "And Jesus will look at them and will say, 'I never knew you. Depart from me, you workers of iniquity.' This man is a worker of iniquity," charged Peters before the congregants in the video. "Which man?" asked Bentley in the video. "You," Peters replied. Read the articl referenced... LEONARDO BLAIR. (16 June 2014). 'Healing Evangelist' Todd Bentley Tells Man With Cerebral Palsy: 'I'm Not Giving You My Anointing,' After He Calls Him a Fraud at Crusade. CP. U.S..http://www.christianpost.com/news/healing-evangelist-todd-bentley-tells-man-with-cerebral-palsy-im-not-giving-you-my-anointing-after-he-calls-him-a-fraud-at-crusade-121611/

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