Friday, July 25, 2014

Facts Are Pests For False Claims.

  Many people say it, and he's the 'Anti-Christ,' he's the epidemy of all things evil. To whom, and I am referring, you ask? I am speaking of President Obama of course. Prior to his inauguration Conservatives saw dollar signs in the simple-con-art of manipulating vulnerable folks through blatant 'racism' and "religiosity." He's the 'abortion president,' claimed one pastor. He's going to take away your guns, he hates America; born in Kenya, he's a socialist; he wants to manipulate your health care, and finally but not conclusively, he's a "warmonger." Now, are these accusations true, any of them?

First before President Obama's inauguration, that night in fact, there was a meeting between 'House Republicans' to devise a plan; never to pass anything the president requested. And now they had gone to an unprecedented measure and sued the president, more on that later.
So, before we get issues conflated, the plan has long been to sabotage anything attributed to President Obama.

Second. Conservatives particularly gun manufacturers, pastors and other right wing conspiracy affiliated organizations have become very wealthy by, among other tactics, fear-mongering. There's no question about it If Obama was coming for your guns; he's doing a horrible job. The truth is, he never intended to come take anyone's guns away. But, that rhetoric sure paid Conservatives well, as blind sheep spent hundreds of millions in new gun purchases and coined phrases such as "Come and take my guns my cold hands." The fear-mongering by 'right wingers' was working so well, in fact, they made more of a killing than anticipated.

Thirdly, is Obama the 'Anti-Christ'? If he is, he's doing a horrible job at it. Many will love the Anti-Christ, and he will be charismatic and appeal to both the left and the right, even fooling Christians, it was possible. Let's face it, Obama isn't drawing the 'right wing' or Conservatives at all. As previously stated, they hated him. But hating someone doesn't equate them to an 'Anti-Christ.' However, some charismatic although fraudulent pastors have  made the appearance of such a resemblance. If your pastor claimed Obama was the 'Anti-Christ,' consider him a false prophet, because that's a big error in judgement.

Fourth. Is Obama a Muslim? If he is, he's doing a horrible job practicing. Obama has professed to being a Christian multiple times, even during his trip to the Middle East, in front of Muslim filled room stated; "I AM A CHRISTIAN." He's professed Christ to be his 'savior' throughout his president. There are many videos of Obama professing Christ as his 'savior' and if he were Muslims that would be blasphemy because Muslims do not believe Jesus Christ is the 'Son of God.' Obama has professed Christ more than President Bush ever though too. However, no one claimed Bush was the 'Anti-Christ,' why? I think you can answer this question yourself.

Fifth. According to a recent poll, 75% of Conservatives are happy with their new health care plan. Starting anything new comes with frustration and feelings of losing control. In this instance losing control of one's health care information, etc. In fact, implementing health care reform has many challenges, but more were attacks aimed at Obama. The health care reform put insurance and patient information between the buyer and the insurance company and opens up business to 'the free market.'

Sixth. Is Obama a 'socialist' as alleged by Conservatives? Of course, NOT. However, that won't stop them from professing, falsely, so. The unemployment rate is at the lowest in eight years, and stocks have never been higher, the dollar hasn't crashed, and the United Nations hasn't sent troops into American streets forcing citizens' into hobbit homes, yet. The 'housing market,' has comeback strong, yet many people still seek employment, but the numbers of a resilient economy give folks new hope.

Seventh. Is Obama the "abortion President" as alleged by James Dobson. Well, the statistics don't coincide with reality that is to say the abortion rate is the lowest in forty years that's because of education and yes, the 'Affordable Care Act.'

Finally, is Obama a "war-monger?" Of course, NOT! He's ended one war with another ending this year. George Bush, on the other hand, is a convicted 'war criminal.' People claim Obama is a war monger just as they claim he's the 'Anti-Christ' both are untrue. That does not mean some of his policies are "ungodly" there's a difference between being the "Anti-Christ" and enacting policies that conflict with a spiritual belief.

The numbers are in a specific order of importance.

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