Friday, July 25, 2014

Health Care. Sex-Ed., and Abortion.

 Health care is a touchy subject, we all need it every once in a while. But the debate over the implementation of health care is controversial at best, and that's for a reason. We all value our life, morals and quality of care. Our  medical needs, preferences and desires for clinics and doctors differ.  Health care is intimately important to us. The comfort of knowing your family has adequate health care is important. Growing up, my mother didn't have health insurance, so if we got sick we didn't go to the hospital. Unless it was an emergency. But, there were many times we could have used a good check up for one reason, or another. And, this isn't a pro or anti 'Affordable Care Act' post. There are many people benefiting from the new law, however. The main argument against the 'Affordable Care Act' is the perceived 'abortion' drugs accessible to women. Therefore, it is mistakenly understood that enrollee's are contributing to 'abortion' prescription. Even though that's not true, it is still something rightly to question. Please keep in mind there are people on both sides of the debate who have a financial stake in 'Obamacare.' Some profit off the law, and some profit if the law isn't implemented. So, that is something to think about when getting information on health care.

Something extremely important happened just this past year. The abortion rate has fallen to 40 years low. And, why is that you may ask. Well, it's because of controversial sexual education and yes, health care, the type of preventative health care that doesn't involve abortion, but there are several devices women can invest in to help prevent unintended pregnancy, or abortion. I used to be against this type of preventative care, but if it keeps women from seeking abortions, I have to say that I am fine with it. Now, before you twist these words, please understand what I initially stated, this isn't a pro-or-anti Obamacare post. Abortion is against God, and that's well known. Lawfully keeping women from having an abortion or feeling they have no other choice is through, for Christians,  Christ. Because there is no law that can make a woman want to keep a child. At the same time, health care [biblical] gives women the resources and information needed to keep them from having an abortion, and that's an answered prayer. Now, that doesn't in and of itself, address sexual sin. But we can take things one step at a time. Even though we are not of the 'world' we live in the world, therefore, many issues that apply to unbelievers also apply to believers.  Seek well informed guidance from your health care 'insurance provider' and make sure you make educated decisions regarding your health care. If you listen to certain 'right wing' talks shows you will  receive misleading information. Don't place yourself at the mercy of a radio show with its own motives.

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