Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hobby Lobby Allegedly Fired A Pregnant Woman

So, Hobby Lobby, the group that made a fuss over the preventative care mandate in the Affordable Care Act, because it is known they are pro-life, have apparently fired a woman, for being pregnant. Isn't that a Christian act of love? Especially, when considering the trouble they went to - to deny women the right to make their own health care decisions. The blatant reprehensible, repulsive attitudes of these people make me sick. According to an article write by the Liberal news site Salon, Hobby Lobby promised a woman she could return to work after having her child. However, that was not the case. Hobby Lobby fired the woman because of her absence, which the company allegedly told the new mother she would be able to return to work. They did not appear to care much about her new child.

 I say; they are hypocrites, and any Christian, who supports them because you actually believe they are pro-life, is blind to the fact the 'wolf' is found in their 401K investments in which they invest in abortion products, including 'Plan B' or the morning after pill. I feel for this young mother, and I hope she continues to expose these hypocrites. “They didn’t even want me to come back after having my baby, to provide for it,” Felicia Allen told reporter Sofia Resinick. Allen started as a part-time cashier at Hobby Lobby in 2010, and found out she was pregnant not too long after she started. She said she asked her supervisor if her job would be safe even though she hadn’t been working at the chain long enough to qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act. “I asked her would I lose my job due to me being four months and only having five months before I have my child. She told me ‘no,’” Allen told RH Reality Check. “I felt like everything was OK. I had talked to my boss, and she let me know that everything would be OK. I would still have my job.(1).”

 Not only did Hobby Lobby renege on their promise Ms. Allen could return to work, but they fought her application for unemployment. What kind of company promises a woman she'd have a job after the birth of her child, lies and then fights her from seeking unemployment benefits? In the past, employees' filed claims of discrimination alleging race, age and disability bias directed at Hobby Lobby and their apparent unprofessionalism. I must say; to say the least, I am shocked. No, not really. Source. 1). Josh Kilburn. (29 July 2014).‘Pro-Life’ Hypocrites at Hobby Lobby May Have Fired Woman for Being Pregnant. Americans Against The Tea Party. http://aattp.org/pro-life-hypocrites-at-hobby-lobby-may-have-fired-woman-for-being-pregnant/

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