Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Iraq 'War Criminal' Dick Cheney. Eat a 'Dick.'

One of the biggest 'war criminals' in United States history, Dick Cheney, is making the rounds defending his repulsive illegal invasion of Iraq. Yesterday, at a book promotional tour a group of protesters' rightly, to Cheney cried out, WAR CRIMINAL! There's no doubt that United States rallied into an 'illegal war.' A war that was fraudulent, one of aggression against not only a sovereign nation, but one with which we were at peace. Dick Cheney produced fraudulent documents and falsified, crafted, and tailored a coalition of liars to his bidding and created a "case" for war. Again, Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, in fact, the Iraqi regime dispelled of the weapons in the late '90's. But worse than that is what we knew, by we I mean the Bush Administration knew Iraq had no weapons of such sort. They pushed a well coordinated campaign to impose fear on the American people, forcing a false narrative of the threat Saddam Hussein posed to the United States, which was none. He wasn't a threat and had little capacity to become one. Pt 1

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