Wednesday, July 9, 2014

John Bohner The Hypocrite.

John Bohner agrees with Michelle Bachmann's clone, Sara Palin, Obama needs impeached. First, the law has to be broken before an offense is 'impeachable.' John Bohner said nothing while Bush ordered 'torture' of Gitmo detainees, illegal under U.S and International Law.
Now Bush, on the other hand, conducted an 'illegal war in Iraq,' with blatant disregard for International Law. Bush caused a war of aggression, a war crime. Not to mention we were sold packs of lies about the invasion. Bush tailored "evidence" to fit the narrative Saddam was an imminent threat, and he needed to be removed from power immediately. So we had the weapons of mass destruction argument, and there were documents  and photos to prove Saddam had WMD's. However, that information was false, he did not have weapons of mass destruction. The Bush Administration then claimed the people of Iraq needed to be liberated, so we're the worlds' superman. Come on the point was a sick plan to topple the Middle East and institute a Westernized democracy in throughout the region. The problem is that there's strict sectarian divisions and the will for the same democracy is nonexistent. Sure they want freedom, but the freedom they want is within the context of a religious Caliphate. I am angry no one tried to 'impeach' Bush for ordering 'torture' and knowing about the abuse at various prisons throughout the war zone and the indefinite detentions without charges or legal representation to people taken to Gitmo.

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