Monday, July 28, 2014

The 'Founding Fathers' Real Faith..

How often do you hear, the United States is a 'Christian Nation'? Pretty often, right? Well, let's just say,
we've been lied to. We've been lied to by political and religious affiliations hoping to infuse politics with religion.These figures coined the phrase 'Patriotic Christianity' claiming the inspiration in the "founding documents" derived from Christianity. However, where God is mentioned, it's not referring to the God of the Holy Scriptures because the founders, denied the deity of Jesus Christ and mocked the scriptures. Pastors and politicians realize church folk are the easiest to bamboozle because they know you won't 'fact check' anything, so pastors and politicians claim this is a 'Christian Nation' because most people, especially church goers, believe anything their pastor tells them. But, there is an agenda even within the church. That agenda is to persuade you to vote for people with
the 'foundering fathers' ideology; of course, Republicans represent the founding documents, so they say, and because they represent the founders' values and morals, their argument is the godly choice for public office is Republican. Simple minded, most definitely. Some pastors go so far as to say, the Constitution is inspired by the Word of God. Let's be honest; that's a retarded claim. Deists and Free Masons wrote the U.S. Constitution.  Those who claimed Christ didn't claim the same Lord Jesus Christ we worship.
The founders had a form of  godliness, but they denied the power of God. Because they profess Jesus to be a good teacher, but they denied His deity, and they mocked him in their writings and actions.

However, folk will continue to suggest America is a 'Christian Nation' even though most evidences point to the contrary. Again, some did mention Jesus, and the moral laws in the Bible, but they didn't worship the same Jesus. Even John Adams was closely affiliated with John Paine and others who practiced Free Masonry. So be skeptical when people claim America is a Christian Nation. Be very suspicious if someone tells you the hand of God wrote the U.S. Constitution. You've never heard of 'Hellfire Club,' or Ben Franklin's position on 'original sin.'  Franklin claims: "Original sin was as ridiculous as imputed a righteousness." A few thoughts on the lies of the founders.'

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