Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'Coach' Dave is Sad That You Don't Believe His Conspiracy Theories.

'Coach' Dave is back at it, making circular logic rants, I believe he's confused and even, at times, forgets his name. He says people deem folk seeking the truth as being conspiratorial, and that seeking the truth makes folks uncomfortable. He goes on to list several"what if" scenarios. For example, "what if Obama wasn't born in America? What if Breitbart was murdered? What if Christianity is true?" After listing several additional what if's, he returns to his previous 'what if's.' What if Obama was born in the U.S., what if God doesn't exist?
Mr. 'Coach' Dave, with all, due respect, no one believes seeking the truth is conspiratorial, but seeking the truth when it is clearly contrary to your flawed conspiracy theories, people are going to say you're silly.
It doesn't mean a rational conspiracy isn't possible, it means what you're claiming to be a possible conspiracy isn't a valid claim based on what we know about the subject. For example, was Obama born in the United States? Well, we've seen a 'long form birth certificate' and the announcement of birth in Hawaii. That settles it; he was born in the U.S.. People like you will claim it's not a valid birth certificate, without any personal evidence of course.

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