Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Disgraced Ferguson, Missouri Police Fire Rubber Bullets At Blacks For No Reason.

 In case you needed, more proof cops treat blacks differently than whites, take a look at this video of people in a residential neighborhood being harassed by militarized cops. Cops lined the street in what appears to be combat gear. The residence can be heard verbally mocking the police but doing nothing violent or against the law. They mock commands officers usually give such as "disperse immediately." Just to be clear, the cops didn't say that the protesters were mocking the rent-a-soldier-cops, all of the sudden barrage of rubber bullets rain down on the demonstrators. There were no commands given for the protesters to leave nor was there any indication of why this was happening. As protesters ran away one person cursed at the police. My question is where are the constitutionalist Conservatives? They claim the constitution this, and that, but they cannot speak up for the people of Ferguson, Missouri? Their first amendment right is being trashed, so where are you Conservatives?  Their awkward silence is disheartening, although too often predictable.

1). Arturo Garcia.New video shows cops spraying rubber bullets at Ferguson crowd for no apparent reason. (26 August 2014). The Raw Story. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/08/26/new-video-shows-cops-spraying-rubber-bullets-at-ferguson-crowd-for-no-apparent-reason/

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