Monday, August 25, 2014

Disgraced Officer Darren Wilson Was Previously Fired At a Racist Police Department

 Disgraced Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson's previous employer, the Jenning, Missouri police department was disbanded by authorities because of embroiled 'racial tension.' Although, at the time, he was a rookie officer. The similarities between the disbanded Jennings, Missouri police department and the Ferguson, Missouri department are stunning. Both departments lacked diversity and a good relationship with the mostly African American communities they represent. The trend is a lack of community outreach and empathetic leadership. The officers lack socioeconomic and foundational institutional racism.

Yesterday, a story published by The Legal Blog revealed Ferguson Police Officer Justin Cosma allegedly, according to a civil rights lawsuit, hog-tied an injured 12 years old child while the child checked his mail. The officer claimed the child became combative. Lately, I hear this talk about Officer Wilson receiving an commendation. But, the a commendation was for catching a drug dealer and physically restraining the man. Well, congratulations for catching another "slave" for the prison industrial complex. And the utter failure of the so-called drug war.

"The Washington Post report comes amid disturbing stories of alleged police misconduct from neighboring departments have come to light. Just days after Brown was killed, another black man in north St. Louis, Kajieme Powell, was fatally shot in a barrage of police gunfire after allegedly stealing energy drinks and donuts from a convenience store. St. Louis Police said the man was armed with a knife, but raw video of the incident appears to contradict that. Later last week, Lieutenant Ray Albers of the St. Ann Police was suspended after being filmed pointing a semi-automatic rifle at a protester and threatening to kill him."(2).

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