Friday, August 15, 2014

Fruit Cake Pastor Gets Humiliated By Cute Christian Singer.

Fruit Cake, Pastor Lively, the man who helped Christian-Ugandans push a 'death penalty' for homosexuality law gets pounded by cute recently out of the closet female Christian singer, Vicky Beechy. Most, if not all of us, know that, according to the Bible, homosexuality contradicts nature. Of course, there's Leviticus, Deteruomomy, among other Biblical passages supporting the claim of this as 'sinful behavior.' Let's not forget homosexuality resulted in the destruction of 'Sodom and Gomorrah.' Moreover, Paul characterized homosexuality as worthy of death. Moreover, in the Old Testament, they stonned people for engaging in such activity. So, if homosexuality is against nature and contrary to 'man's' natural design, why would people feel same sex attraction? For the longest time, I've wondered if sexuality is engrained within us. Is sexuality something that defines a man? For example, I've never had a homosexual thought in my life, why would I want to? Now, to me the answer is simple, I am not homosexual. I do not have such ideations. So, if a person could choose, would they choose to be a homosexual? Of course, not. By now, you are putting your hand over your mouth with shock, shocked that a question such as this should be pondered. After all, the Bible is very specific in what it says regarding homosexuality, right?

 The standards for righteousness exceed man's capability. Personally, it makes no sense for one to berate a drug addict with insults such as "Why don't you just stop putting the needle in your arm?" I am not a drug addict, and, albeit, the self-righteous attitude might be a pick-me-up for me but it does nothing for the one with the addiction. Most Christians who identify as homosexuals know the Leviticus passages, and most, if not all Christians understand the whole "homosexuality is contrary to nature" talk, so patience, prayer self-reflection, talking, listening, listening and listening that should, at the very least, help you in understanding people with addiction. Before anyone suggests otherwise, I am not implying people who are homosexual suffer from an addiction rather they suffer from what the rest of us suffer from, just in another sense. Meaning, this is an imperfect world and there's no part that's worthy unless cleansed by the blood of Christ, we will remain imperfect. To us - who do not identify as homosexual, we are repulsed by the thought of same-sex attraction because it is completely contrary to who we are, we who aren't homosexual. Therefore, we do not understand the reasoning behind the supposed 'choice' to live a homosexual lifestyle.

Some say it must be the devil, or it must be that a homosexual is giving into a reprobate mind. I tend to believe that although it sounds easy enough to answer, the answer actual answer is complicated. TLife can be complicated, but thank God for the simplicity of Christ, knowing we're saved by 'grace' and not by works. There's not a single thing 'we' could to do make it to Heaven. Jesus did it through his shed blood on the cross. Although stopping sin or keeping a to do list will not save, it is essential for fellowship with Christ. If homosexuals claim to be a Christian is he or she really 'saved?' The majority of Christians would say no, they are not saved. I, on the other hand, will leave it up to God as to who is or isn't saved.

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