Thursday, August 21, 2014

Does Hannity Loves The Police Now?

First, did you know Officer Darren Wilson's co-workers in Ferguson, Missouri didn't want to ride-along with him because they considered him a 'loose cannon'? Sean Hannity tried bully Democratic committeewoman Patricia Bynes into admitting she didn't know what happened and that she was neglectful because of her limited knowledge of the case. In other words, you weren't there, so you don't know what happened. He went on to claim the congresswoman didn't know the law and gave bias snippets of inaccurate accounts of the shooting to claim justifiable use of force. The congresswoman rightly pointed out this is more than just about Mike Brown, but a continuing trend of young black males gun downed by  cops and neighborhood watchman for no reason.

The irony runs deep because I remember, a couple months ago, a farmer, Cliven Bundy, who had nearly two-weeks standoff with police. Bundy and his armed militia pointing assault weapons at police officers that were caught on tape. By the way, it's a crime to point a weapon at a police officer, and an officer using deadly force justified, however. Hannity and Fox News were against the police during the Bundy ranch standoff, but now claim to be an advocate for the police.

So, let's look at something, racists white militants were called 'freedom riders' by  Laura Ingraham and defined as heroes by the right. I mean after all, they, the militia stood up to the police because a man was under court order to have his cattle removed from federal land. Bundy owes nearly one million dollars in past grazing fees; he's refused to pay for 20 years. My grandparents paid their grazing fees for 60 years. At any rate, after numerous court orders, Bundy refused to remove his cattle or pay his past grazing fees. Therefore, a court order was set in effect giving authorities the right to remove his cattle. He would get his cattle back when he paid the past fees, or they would sell his cattle to make up the difference for the amount owed to the government for his non-payment of grazing fees.

The family took pictures of authorities "legally" removing cattle and spread it around social media. Conservative news outlets went nuts believing "big government" was doing him wrong. Never mind the fact that what they were doing was legal, and Bundy never went to court to fight the past due payments. Bundy stated he did not 'even recognized the federal governments' existence.' I would say, "that's kind of like your opinion man." But, it isn't a good opinion. So, swarms of anti-government militia members  went to the Bundy ranch hoping for a war which leads me to emphasise my point, during the standoff as federal agents removed cattle they ended up ceasing their operation fearing a bloodbath as untrained militants wanted a fight. So, the authorities released the cattle and left. Conservatives viewed this as a victory.

Fast forward to the Mike Brown shooting. Mike Brown allegedly paid for some cigars but did  shoplift others, and he's a thug. So, they say. Bundy, a white, middle-aged man, steals $1 million dollars from the federal government, and he's a hero. Mike Brown, a black teenager, on the other hand, steals a few packs of cigars, and it labeled a thug. Is it hard to see what the underlying issue is here? And, we haven't even gotten to the shooting, yet. Moreover, the store owners did not report a robbery. Because if watch the video he, Brown, did, in fact, pay for something.

On the way home from the store, an officer, Darren Wilson, spotted Brown and his friend walking in the middle of the street although at the time had no knowledge Brown was a suspect in a shoplifting case; the officer said: "Get the fuck out of the street!" To which Brown being an inexperienced teenager smarted off at the cop. Here is where things get interesting because the officer, Darren Wilson, alleges Mike Brown reached for the officers gun. The officer reportedly fired a shot in from inside the vehicle; Mike Brown began to run, he thought better stopped, turned around and put his hands up. At this point, the officer alleges Mike Brown taunted and charged at him. However, the evidence doesn't support his claim. The shots most of which were on the inside of browns arms is a clear indication Browns arms were up. So, did Brown charge the officer? Of course, not -not to mention the fact that another witness says Brown was falling and not charging when the final two bullets lodged in Mr. Browns head Cliven Bundy labeled a hero. Mike Brown shot to death for walking while black is labeled a thug.

Jack Mirkinson. (21 August 2014).Sean Hannity Guest Has The Perfect Reaction To His Condescending Ferguson Question. Huff Post Media.

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